Artificial blood for transfusions. What does it consist of?

Artificial respiration, artificial hearts … Is it possible that artificial blood can also develop? In this article we will discover it.

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Every year, dozens of buses run through numerous cities so that people can donate blood . Demand increases, especially in summer, when the number of accidents usually increases. However, more donors are still needed. But is it possible that this could be solved thanks to artificial blood?

The news about the possibility of creating artificial blood can be found in the newspaper Digital Journal . This information spread very quickly. So much so that he even came to be present in newspapers such as La Voz de Galicia . The reason? Artificial blood could be the solution to a demand that, today, is constantly increasing.

Artificial blood research

Artificial blood opens the way to a new form of donor that is easy and quick to access for millions of people.

Despite the fact that the possibility of using artificial blood for transfusions has attracted worldwide attention , research is still underway into whether this can really be feasible or will only remain in an experimental procedure.

Much deeper research and study work is needed before artificial blood can be confirmed as the new method of performing blood transfusions . However, we will see below how this procedure is being carried out, which, in the future, may be a very effective way of saving thousands of lives .

The ErythroMer study

This is the name of the study that was presented to the American Society of Hematology (ASH) to publicize this new discovery. The researchers who participated in this study belong to the University of Washington and accomplished something completely innovative that promises to save thousands of lives.

The name of the studio was not the result of chance. The term ErythroMer refers to a component that can replace blood . Although its degree of coincidence with red blood cells does not exceed 10%, the researchers believe that even with this percentage, the ErythroMer would serve to stabilize an emergency patient.

Without a doubt, this is quite promising. There are different situations where blood is needed immediately or areas where donor blood does not arrive quickly enough. The ErythroMer could be the solution to these problems. But what procedure should be followed?

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Artificial blood and its procedure

The ErythroMer promises to be a substitute for human blood, though still with a low match with red blood cells.

The researchers who participated in this study designed the ErythroMer in powder form . This component contains artificial cells that fulfill the same functions as red blood cells. However, if its format is powder, how can a transfusion be done with this?

  • The ErythroMeris mixed with water to be able to be injected.
  • This component is stored at room temperature.
  • Users could carry it stored in a package.

Thus, anywhere, you would only have to open that package, mix the powder with water and supply the person who needs an immediate blood transfusion. A substitute for portable human blood itself that can save many more lives than we might initially think.

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Artificial blood expectations

Artificial blood has already been tested on animals and the results it has reported have been quite good . The tests that have been carried out have managed to revive animals that were in shock . However, tests are still ongoing before this method can reach humans.

Expectations are quite hopeful . In a war, for example, it could mean saving lives with a fairly high success rate. Also, this can be positive in remote areas. We must bear in mind that, at present, there are no simple methods to transport donated blood . So the ErythroMer could be the solution.

We will have to wait for more research before confirming that ErythroMer may be the new way to perform blood transfusions. We will closely follow the studies that continue to be done and hope that the results are successful. The way we conceive of saving lives today can change radically.


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