Artificial Appearance

Natural appearance , is an appearance that exists naturally in the world, without human intervention to create it ( read in full ). Unlike the artificial appearance, is an appearance intentionally made by humans with specific goals or interests. There are various kinds of artificial appearance that exist in Indonesia, these features, namely ports, plantations, industries, roads, and reservoirs.

Roads are public land used for land transportation, such as motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. Roads are built for certain interests, among other things to overcome the density of traffic in the city and to reduce city traffic congestion. In Indonesia, there are various roads, including toll roads, ring roads, and overpasses that are built in big cities.

Reservoir is a place in the form of a pond and large size to store water that can be used for various needs of human life. Examples of reservoirs in Indonesia include the Wonogiri reservoir, Sadang reservoir, Saguling reservoir and Asahan Reservoir. Reservoir can also function to regulate water expenditure during the rainy and dry seasons and regulate the distribution of water.

Ports in Indonesia are divided into two, namely seaports and airports. The seaport is used as a place for stopping or docking ships who want to unload goods or deliver people from one place to another. An airport is a place on land that is used for the placement, landing, and departure of aircraft that intend to fly between cities or between provinces or between islands.

Sea ports in Indonesia include Gilimanuk located in Bali, Bakauheni located in Lampung, and Merak located in Banten. The airports in Indonesia include Hasanudin located in South Sulawesi, Polonia located in Medan, and Sentani located in Papua. Plantation is a vast land that is used by humans to grow plants and fruits that can be used for the benefit or needs of human life.

Existing plantations in Indonesia include tea plantations, coffee plantations, oil palm, and cocoa. In addition to plantations, ports, reservoirs and roads, Indonesia also has an industrial estate that shows the development of a nation. The industrial estate was built for industrial activities.

Usually the industrial area is used to produce an item, in accordance with the purpose of the industry being built, for example a coffee factory, of course, will produce goods in the form of coffee sachets that can be consumed by humans instantly. The location of the industrial area in Indonesia is usually located on the edge of the city or outside the city, of course, far from community settlement. This is motivated by the waste that will be disposed of by the factory.

Reviewing the impact of waste, which can affect human life, the development of industrial estates must pay attention to the preservation of the surrounding environment so as not to disturb the balance of nature. Artificial appearance in Indonesia has advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account for human survival. The benefits resulting from the development of artificial appearance are opening up employment opportunities, obtaining direct benefits, and increasing people’s income.

An artificial appearance can open up employment opportunities because it provides an opportunity for local residents who live around the development project. This means that it will require a workforce of people who are able to assist in project development, so that the project can run smoothly and finish. Artificial appearance can get immediate benefits, for example the existence of a reservoir will help residents around the reservoir to irrigate rice fields, supply electricity by using reservoir water.

Artificial appearance can increase people’s income because residents around can be used to open businesses, such as selling drinks, food, and transportation services. Taking advantage of this opportunity means being able to help citizens to increase their daily income. The loss in artificial appearance is disturbing the balance of nature, foreign debt is increasing, and the population distribution is uneven

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