Cultural Diversity In Indoneshia

In addition to ethnic diversity, Indonesia also has a diversity of cultures, as an embodiment of the Unity in Diversity. Some cultures in Indonesia have the capacity to become regional cultures in certain regions. There are Acehnese, Minang, Dayak, Javanese, Balinese, Toraja, Ambon, Betawi and Asmat cultures.

Differences in culture can be caused by differences in the natural environment and social environment that is different from each region that is spread in Indonesia. The social environment that can influence, among others, the level of education in the region, beliefs, the state of society, and the relationship of an individual with other parties concerned. The natural environment that influences culture in Indonesia, including the geographical location of an area, such as a coastal area or mountainous area.

Cultural diversity can be seen from the diversity of traditional clothing, traditional houses, regional languages, traditional weapons, traditional dances, regional languages, performing arts, traditional ceremonies, folk songs, and regional musical instruments.

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1. Custom clothing

No The province Traditional clothes
1 North Sumatra Ulos Raga
2 West Sumatra Belango Bay
3 Riau Destar
4 West Java Suit With Covered Neck, Kebaya
5 Central Java Blangkon and Beskap
6 Yogyakarta Blangkon and Surjan
7 East Java Blangkon And Suit Close
8 South Borneo Floating
9 South Sulawesi Bodo

2. Regional songs and regional dances

No The province Folk songs Regional Dance
1 Nangroe Aceh Darussalam Bung Jeumpa Saman, Meuseukat, Seudati
2 West Sumatra Kampuang Nan Deep in Mato Umbrellas, Tabuk, Plate
3 Riau Soleram Lambak, Tandak, Joged
4 Lampung Lipang Lipangdang Melingting, Janget
5 DKI Jakarta Chirping – Chirping Mask, Yapong
6 West Java Manuk Dadali Peacock, Jaipong
7 Central Java Gundhul Pacul Bambangan Cakil, Serimpi
8 East Java Rek Ayo Rek Remong, Reog Ponorogo
9 Bali Macepet Hurry up Kecak, Legong Jobog
10 NTT My Goat Child Fried Lameng, War
11 South Borneo Ampar-Ampar Banana Radad Rahayu
12 South Sulawesi Mamiri Winds Bosara, fan
13 Maluku Sayange sweetheart Lenso, Cakalele
14 Papua Apuse Gosh

3. Customary ceremony

Traditional ceremonies are activities to commemorate certain events which have been passed down from generation to generation in a strong manner and have been integrated with the behavior of the surrounding community. Traditional ceremonies that can be found in Indonesia include Ngaben ceremonies in Bali, Spirit filling ceremonies can be found in the Asmat Tribe of Papua, and Kesodo ceremonies held by the Tengger tribe.

4. Regional musical instrument

Regional musical instruments in Indonesia , including bonang, gongs, gamelan, drum, and saron are musical instruments from Java and Bali. Angklung is a musical instrument in the West Java region and Temikpolong pacik is a musical instrument in the area of ​​West Sumatra.

5. Custom house

No The province Customary House Name
1 North Sumatra Jabu Bolon, Jabu Parsakit
2 West Sumatra Rumah Gadang
3 South Sumatra Limas House
4 Lampung House of Heresy
5 West Java Cirebon Kesepuhan Palace
6 Central Java Padepokan
7 In Yogyakarta Kencono Ward
8 East Java Situbondo house
9 Bali Gate of Candi Bentar, Nata
10 West Kalimantan Longhouse
11 Central Kalimantan Betang house
12 Central Sulawesi Souraja, Tambi
13 South Sulawesi Tongkonan
14 Maluku Baileo
15 Papua Honai, Kariwari

Appreciating cultural diversity, can be done in the following way.

  1. Preserve local culture to increase ownership so that the nation will feel a sense of national culture
  2. Introducing regional culture to stay sustainable
  3. Support the development of regional culture


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