Armored Warfare: Project Armata – AMX-10P PAC 90 Guide

The tale of a premium Tier 4 tank destroyer: strengths and weaknesses, how to win, and what equipment to buy

From the history

Since 1973, the AMX-10P has been the primary infantry fighting vehicle of the French army. The armored personnel carrier turned out to be extremely successful: it was cheap, light and high-speed, and could cross water obstacles on the move. France, Iraq, Greece, Saudi Arabia and several other eastern countries have operated this machine for decades. Today, only Saudi Arabia and France continue to use the AMX-10P, France plans to finally replace it with VBCI in the coming years.

Armored Warfare: Project Armata also features the AMX-10P PAC 90 Tier 4 tank destroyer, built on the chassis of the AMX-10P BMP of the same name. The tank destroyer, which entered service in 1979, turned out to be outdated and could not fight the tanks of its era. Despite all the shortcomings, the machine has established itself as an excellent means of delivering and supporting infantry, and the design solutions that migrated from the AMX-10P made the IT hardy and reliable in hot and humid climates.

Tactical and technical characteristics (TTX)

In Project Armata, the AMX-10P PAC 90 is a premium Tier 4 tank destroyer. You can buy it in one of the sets or separately for 1,000 gold. The main distinguishing features of the vehicle: powerful and accurate weapon and unusual geometry.

Best of all, the AMX-10P PAC 90 feels aloof from the battle, a powerful weapon allows you to quickly destroy most opponents at the level

Let’s go with the trump cards. The AMX-10P PAC 90 can shoot all vehicles of its class at the level, including light tanks. If you are reading this guide, you are probably trying to choose between the 2C14 Sting-S and the French. In the future, the comparison will be carried out with him. The AMX-10P PAC 90 is better than the Soviet IT in terms of damage (382 and 340, respectively) and is better suited for positional and ranged combat. The tracked base and the high speed of the turret traverse (60 deg / s), significant declination angles allow maneuvering in a limited area of ​​terrain and realizing an advantage in relief, conducting a firefight with several opponents at once. On the other hand, “Sting-S” can provide a higher density of fire (reload time in 4 seconds versus 6.5 seconds for the PAC 90; 5,100 DPM for the Sting armored personnel carrier versus 3,500 for the French).

As mentioned above, the PAC 90 performs well in ranged combat, thanks to its good agility and the ability to maximize the advantage when playing from the terrain. The same applies to frequent position changes. Good acceleration (4.56 seconds to 32 km / h) allows you to quickly help in difficult moments of the battle, but the speed is definitely not enough to carry out bypass maneuvers. Plus, the tall silhouette makes the car an excellent target in open areas. Do not go far beyond the front line and use the safety factor sparingly (1,850 units).

On the other hand, the tracked base allows you to confidently follow the allied tanks.
Use them as a cover

Which equipment to choose?

The AMX-10P PAC 90 has three free equipment slots, in which you can install whatever you want. Since the vehicle’s characteristics are most suitable for long-range or positional combat, we recommend spending credits to improve visibility and reload speed. We advise you to install “improved optics”, “adaptive optics” and “RPP” (radio-absorbing coating).

Winning tactics and helpful tips

First of all, it is worth fixing that the AMX-10P PAC 90 is a ranged combat vehicle or a front line support vehicle. Don’t try to do wide flanking maneuvers on the PAC 90, you won’t be fast enough and the high profile makes you a priority target.

The lack of speed imposes another limitation: you need to choose the direction in which you will act in advance. The city is a bad choice; an open, well-shot area, preferably with a natural barrier, is a good choice. Use a smoke screen to increase survivability. The stock of charges is sufficient to react to every detection by the enemy. Throw out all projectiles from the ammo rack except BOPS. A high projectile speed is important to reduce lead and increase the chances of being hit when firing on the move. Do not be afraid of single combat with other armored combat vehicles or IT. Mobility is not enough to exit the battle as a winner, but the advantage in the weapon is on your side. Also consider the composition of the teams. If light vehicles have a numerical advantage on the battlefield, join allied MBTs and protect them from flanking.

The AMX-10P PAC 90 is a great car for those who do not like to be severely limited in the game. This IT has a chance of success both in ranged combat and directly in front of the enemy’s nose. The PAC 90 is great for farming credits, especially for those who are not happy with the 2C14 Sting-C or LAV-300.

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