“Project Armata”: a guide to the Leopard 2A5

All about the German Tier 8 MBT: how to win, what to upgrade, what equipment to install

From the history

We have already talked about tanks of the Leopard family more than once, you can learn more about their history from previous guides. Today we will talk about one of the many modifications of the long-familiar car – Leopard 2A5. It is only worth noting that the Leopard 2A5 was largely created as a response to the Soviet T-80 and its subsequent modifications. As a result, and without this, the impressive mass of 59 tons increased again.

Performance characteristics (TTX) Leopard 2A5

In Project Armata , the Leopard 2A5 is a Tier 8 main battle tank that adequately develops all the strengths of its predecessors. The aforementioned modification of the tank appears again as a surprisingly comfortable and versatile vehicle in many respects. If we allow some bias, then we can say that the Leopard 2A5 is the best MBT at the level. Outstanding performance at least contributes to this.

The Leo’s cannon power is not incredible, we still do less damage than the T-80, but the gun’s accuracy is phenomenal – the spread is only 0.10. Fortunately, good damage of 468 units and armor penetration of 470 millimeters can also be added to the piggy bank of pluses. Despite the fact that the reload time is painfully slow – as much as 8.49 seconds – the Leopard 2A5 does not lose much in efficiency. The pros outweigh the cons. It also has an average aiming speed of 2.94 seconds and cool -10 degree vertical aiming angles in the front.

Leo’s booking is simply gorgeous. The effective thickness of the hull armor reaches 618/163/88 millimeters in the main projections. The situation with the tower is even more beautiful, in the main projections 949/455/111 millimeters. There are few weak areas in the frontal projection of the Leopard. The shoulder strap of the tower, where shells from the clinch sometimes fly in, the driver’s hatch and, of course, as without it, the gunner’s sight, into which full damage passes. But still, it is worth giving the tank its due, it is protected to the envy of everyone else, although the basic safety factor is not much different from its counterparts in terms of level – 2,290 units. You can also note the stealth coefficient of 0.075 units: but not in the bushes to sit on the Leopard, right?

The previous characteristics of the tank are almost perfect. The situation is similar with maneuverability. The maximum speed is 72 km / h, acceleration from standstill to 32 km / h takes only 5.98 seconds – even faster than the really nimble T-80! You may be a little frustrated by the turret rotation speed, but it can be easily treated by installing the right equipment.

What to pump first? What equipment to install?

The Leopard 2A5 has a bunch of modifications – even the eyes run up from habit. It might be worth focusing on improving the density and accuracy of fire, as well as survivability. First, we advise you to install: smoke, stabilizer, command and control system, active protection complex and then go into pumping shells. The equipment is more interesting. There are three slots for equipment: general, mobility, equipment. Let’s go in order.

Is the ammunition rack located at the rear of the turret and detonates frequently? We put additional protection of the ammunition rack in the common cell. Is the tower not spinning fast enough? We install an oil cooling system in the mobility cell. The tank is large, and its turret is large: does it mean that the artillery takes out many knots in one hit? We put Kevlar insulation of the wiring in the equipment cell.

Of the commanders, it is worth taking a closer look at Juan Carlos Miramon.

How to successfully fight with the Leopard 2A5?

The Leopard 2A5 is a wonder tank that suits any situation. Therefore, do whatever your heart desires. Your only serious vulnerability is its impressive size and huge tower. Just stay in front of your opponents in frontal projection, that’s all. And if you suddenly need to quickly kill the Leopard 2A5, then shoot the cumulative at the rear of the tower – it will be fun! See you on the fields of Armored Warfare!


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