Hearthstone: Brawl – Living Free

We tell you about the brawl “Free life” and advise how to get through it

Hearthstone ‘s Brawl rules are updated every week on Wednesday night . This time the regime is called “Free life”.

“All to freedom! Choose a class, and we will build you a deck for a free format! ” – reads the official description of the battle.


  • These are fundamentally new rules that have not previously appeared in this mode.
  • The Brawl Rules apply to a Hearthstone event called The Freestyle Festival, which includes the Freeform Arena as well as an upcoming tournament.

How it works

  • You need to select the class you want to play.
  • Based on your selection, a deck will be selected that Blizzard considers to be powerful in free form (see the “Class Archetypes” section below).
  • For the first victory in the mode, you will receive the Classic Expert Card Set.

Class archetypes

  • Druid: “Aggro Druid”. The deck is based on cheap creatures and their further enhancement. Plays very quickly, seizing the table from the first turns and using the spells “Sign of the Lotus”, “Power of the Wild” and “Soul of the Forest”. There is “Live Mana” as a quick way to spam creatures onto the table.
  • Hunter: “Midrange Hunter”. The deck is a perfect mix of creatures and spells. Most of the creatures are occupied by animals that perfectly interact with each other, and also strengthen the “Take command!” She is good at all stages of the game and can play a powerful threat on every move.
  • Magician: “Secret Magician”. The deck is based on spells and creatures that interact with them in one way or another. Basically, secret spells are used, as well as those that cause damage, and creatures make them cheaper, and also cause damage when a secret is activated. The deck also contains “Doctor Boom”, which allows you to play perfectly at all stages of the game.
  • Paladin: Midrange Paladin. The deck uses a huge number of cards that summon “Paladin Recruits”, as well as their enhancements. It plays well at all stages of the battle, and also has powerful table control tools.
  • Priest: “Big Priest”. A combo deck based on large creatures and has a variety of ways to summon well ahead of their cost. He can also resurrect the creature he needs at the right time.
  • Rogue: Miracle the Rogue. Uses a huge amount of draw cards, and can also very quickly kill his opponent when using special combinations.
  • Shaman: “Aggro Shaman”. The deck is tied to aggressive fast play, constantly inflicting damage on the opponent’s hero. Has a huge number of powerful overload creatures and spells that do a lot of damage.
  • Warlock: Renault Lock. Control deck, which was popular earlier, based on the synergy of the deck and one hundred percent activation of the ability of “Reno Jackson”, which fully restores your health.
  • Warrior: “Pirate Warrior”. Probably the weakest of the entire list, as too many of his cards have been tweaked to balance. Based on the interaction of pirates and weapons. Aggressive deck that, with a good entry of cards, can quickly kill the enemy.

How to get through quickly

For a quick passage of this mode, you should take the Priest. Big Priest is very strong against most of the decks presented. He has a huge number of AoE spells, thanks to which it is not difficult for him to survive until the late stage of the game: “Evil Excavated”, “Shadow Word: Horror”, “Dragonfire Potion” and “Psychic Scream”. And if you are lucky enough to get Barnes out of the deck and play it on the third or fourth move, we can say that you have already won.


We were shown an interesting mode and given the opportunity to evaluate our strengths in the free format of the game. Perhaps someone wants to return to a mode where all maps from all expansions are available, since Blizzard themselves have actively begun to support the format. We hope this article helped you. Good luck with your battles!

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