By aphagia is meant the difficulty or impossibility of swallowing , attributed to an obstruction or narrowing of the digestive tract . Causes of ‘ aphagia can be solid or liquid substances that obstruct the digestive tract. Taking certain medications can also trigger this disorder.

What are the remedies for aphagia?

The only remedy to fight aphagia is to identify the triggering causes.

What are the diseases associated with aphagia?

The diseases associated with aphagia are:

  • esophagitis
  • esophageal cancer  

It should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, it is therefore advisable to contact your doctor if the symptom persists

Aphagia, when to go to your doctor?

In the presence of intense and continuous aphagia it is advisable to consult your doctor: this disorder can in fact be a symptom of more serious pathologies.