Aerofagia is a d’air accumulation in the digestive tract that leads to swelling and abdominal tensions . It can be caused by a recurrent ingestion of large quantities of air .

What diseases can be associated with aerophagia?

The diseases that can be linked to aerophagia are the following:

Hiatal hernia



Irritable bowel syndrome

Peptic ulcer

Remember that this is not a complete list and that it is always better to consult with your doctor in the presence of continuation of symptoms.

What are the solutions against aerophagia?

The solutions for aerophagia depend on symptoms that can be chronic and stable or acute and severe episodes that can put your health at risk.

In the first case, more recurrent, it is recommended to stem the consumption of carbonated drinks and to eat slowly. It may also be helpful to take medications that prevent gas formation in the intestine . Finally, in certain situations, exercises to decrease air intake may be useful .

Acute and serious episodes are more recurrent in people with mental disabilities and the problem is treated by taking sedatives to decrease air intake or by using a nasogastric tube.

With aerophagia when to go to your doctor?

Since no controlled studies have been conducted on aerophagia solutions, a doctor’s advice may be helpful in finding the most suitable remedy. The intervention of a specialist is fundamental even in the presence of patients with mental disabilities who experience acute episodes of severe aerophagia which can lead to respiratory problems.

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