In the Fortnite challenger Apex Legends, you have the opportunity to play as a variety of characters, each with their own unique skills. To give you extended knowledge about these, we have started a mapping of the different characters. In this article, we thought we would focus on Mirage and share tips and tricks that can be used when playing like him



Before we share our tips and tricks, we thought we would start by outlining the basic features of Mirage. Mirage is a young guy who does not take himself too seriously while he likes to be at the center. The only thing he has really taken seriously is Holo-Pilot technology, which is also reflected in his qualities…


Mirage’s tactical trait is called “Psyche Out”. It is a trait that, to say the least, creates confusion in opponents as he creates a hologram of himself, making it impossible for the enemy to know which of the two is the real Mirage.


The character’s passive trait is called “Encore!” and is largely similar to the former. What it does is emit a hologram when you are injured. If we are to be completely honest, this trait is something of a disappointment because few enemies go for it. Once you have been injured and crawled, there is not much you can do either.


Last but not least, we have Mirage’s ultimate feature, which is called the “Vanishing Act”. As the name suggests, it is a perfect move to use when you want to disappear. When you use the Vanishing Act, a whole bunch of holograms are created, more specifically five pieces, at the same time as you become invisible for a short while.


If you want to get to know Mirage further, we recommend you watch the video below:





  1. Develop a hologram to escape dangerous situations – If you are an avid Apex Legends player, you are probably aware of all the intense firefights that can occur. Sometimes you may have to flee from these, which holograms are perfect for. Let your hologram run around a corner or into a building while you run in the opposite direction.


Use a hologram to heal yourself for a few extra seconds – You have the opportunity to develop a hologram while healing yourself. By doing this, you can gain a few extra seconds in case an opponent approaches.


  1. Develop a hologram to locate the enemy – If you are hiding somewhere and know that there are opponents nearby, you can advantageously develop a hologram and let it run forward and make itself visible to the enemy. Most likely they will start firing, which means you can see where the shots are coming from.


Use holograms to destroy Caustic traps – If you’ve read our previous article on Caustic, you are probably well aware that this character can place harmful traps. By developing a hologram and allowing it to activate the trap, you can thus destroy the trap without damaging yourself.


  1. Make sure to develop holograms frequently – A big advantage of Mirage is that the holograms only have a cooldown of ten seconds. They should thus be developed frequently, not least during intense firefights!


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