In previous articles, we have shared tips and tricks that can be used when playing as the characters Wraith and Caustic in the popular game Apex Legends. In this article, we therefore thought to continue on the paved path and share with us tips that can be used when you play as the character Bloodhound.



First of all, we thought we would start by sharing the basic information and traits that the character Bloodhound possesses. As mentioned earlier in our introduction to Apex Legends , Bloodhound is a mysterious character reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic warrior.


Bloodhound’s tactical ability revolves around being able to locate the enemy and traps that are also inside buildings. When the tactical feature – called the Eye of the Allfather – is used, you get a snapshot that tells you where your enemy is currently. However, you do not have the opportunity to follow their movements after that.


The character’s passive trait also revolves around locating the enemy. It is called “Tracker” and just as the name suggests, it makes it possible to find your opponents. When the property is used, you see traces of your enemy. Ideal if someone is trying to escape, is injured or similar.


Last but not least, we have Bloodhounds’ ultimate trait called “Best of the Hunt”. When this feature is activated, the character’s senses are strengthened, which among other things allows you to move faster while the enemy becomes visible through smoke and other possible obstacles. Keep in mind, however, that you can still do as much damage as usual.


To get acquainted with Bloodhound further, you can take a look at the trailer below:





Use your skills at the right time – It can feel tempting to use both Bloodhound’s tactical and passive skills. However, you should use them at the right time. The fact is that the tactical nature of the character also makes you visible to the enemy.


The orange radar that is activated in connection with the use of the property is visible to everyone, which means that you also become visible to your opponents. Therefore, do not use it if you want to stay hidden.


  1. Understand the meaning of the properties – Just as you should use your properties at the right time, you should also understand what they mean. As an example, you should be aware that Bloodhound’s ultimate trait – Eye of the Allfather – only shows your enemies’ latest position and not their current one. If they move after you use Eye of the Allfather, they can easily catch you in an ambush if you do not understand the meaning of the property.


Use your pings as much as possible – No matter what character you play, it is important to use the cursor as much as possible. However, it is even more important when you play as Bloodhounds. Remember that the main purpose of the character is to track and locate the enemy, which can be used to coordinate attacks with your opponents.


  1. Collaborate with the right type of characters – Since you play in a team of three, it is always important to cooperate with the right type of characters. That is, characters that complement each other in a good way.


In this case, you fit in best with characters such as can impair the visibility of the enemy. For example, Bangalore, Caustic or Gibraltar. By letting the first two characters release their smoke or poison, in parallel as you use your ultimate ability and thereby can see through it, you become a dangerous team to say the least.


Use your ultimate ability from a distance – Bloodhound’s ultimate feature – Best of the Hunt – is active for a full 35 seconds. This means that you have taken time to approach your enemies, not least because you move faster. By using it from a distance, you can surprise and eliminate your opponents before they have time to react.


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