Antlante Ring

Atlantean ring . Jewel considered a talisman that protects and neutralizes negative radiation.


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A stone version of this ring was discovered in the Valley of the Kings of Egypt in 1860 by Marquis D’Agrain, an Egyptologist of French origin. D’Agrain claimed that the ring came from the legendary city of Atlantis.

This archaeological piece, many thousands of years old, was handed over to Howard Carter who kept it in his possession until his death in 1939. But it was in 1922 that its popularity took root. Howard Carter was then its owner.


The Atlanteans used their knowledge in natural force fields to generate elements that contributed to keeping the energies balanced inside the body. Diseases are the result of misaligned and unbalanced electromagnetic fields. They had sanction temples where they used rings that supplied the energy the body needs to restore and keep those energies in balance. They stood inside a ring that covered the body with a bright flame that looked like fire, harmonizing the person’s force fields.

A ring based on those principles passed to Egypt and from there it continues to this day.


It is a round ring on which a series of geometric motifs has been engraved. In it we find 2 triangles, 3 large and 6 small rectangles in a semi-cylindrical shape. At the tip of the triangles, the ring is drilled and the two holes are joined by a groove engraved inside.


Its effectiveness lies in three fields: Protection – Healing – and Intuition. Protects against dangers or accidents, and immunizes against influences or curses of all kinds … It balances the small disorders of meridians, systems and organs, restoring – varies according to the characteristics of each person – certain functions accidentally disturbed, and reduces the ailments that are a consequence of them. Develop Extrasensory Perception. The wearer of the ring becomes sensitive to communications that he would never have perceived otherwise. If you are gifted for observation, it will become more intuitive, but only when you really need it.

Symbology and Operation

The 2 isosceles triangles on the sides of the 6 geometric figures purify the energies transforming them into positive ones that flow into the ring through the holes in its vertices. The 3 lines form a grid that absorbs energy.

The 4 diametrically opposite holes are the pathways through which the energies flow, positive inwards through the holes in the isosceles triangles and negative outwards through the other two, thus forming a bioenergetic circle that permanently transforms the energies negatives into positives, which flow and multiply through the line of infinity.

The line of infinity, also called lemniscate, is the figure that describes the form of vibration of energy, whose function is to serve as a multiplier, supplying positive energy and extracting negative energy.

There are 6 geometric figures that are the ones that allow us to capture, accumulate, enhance and emit cosmic energy, in the form of electromagnetic vibrations, by means of laws and phenomena that are still unknown, but verified by multiple experiences. It must be in silver, because it conducts heat and electricity better than any other metal. So it positively affects the bioenergetic vibration generated by the ring.

Location in hand

  • On the little finger of the hand, gently massage the Heart Meridian and Small Intestine. Anti-inflammatory. Related to blood circulation and emotions.

To develop intuition in this finger of the right hand and to maintain serenity in this finger of the left hand.

  • On the ring finger, it’s the Triple Heater Meridian. Related to metabolic transformations, the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic System, it helps to circulate the stagnant energy in the subtle channels. It acts slightly on the Digestive, Genital and Urinary System. And it helps in the regeneration of the organs (late aging).

For judicial matters or studies in this finger of the right hand and to avoid legal problems or trials, in this same finger of the left hand.

  • In the middle finger, Meridian of the Pericardium (the main one of the Heart). Influence on different functions of the body and especially on the bones, skeleton and skull. It stops cardiac exhaustion, mania, stress, hysteria and anxiety. Relieves migraine and pain in menstruation. And it regulates palpitations, liver and insomnia in a very moderate way.

To find a partner in this finger of the right hand and to keep it, in this same finger of the left hand.

  • On the index finger, Meridian of the Large Intestine. It influences the Central Nervous System, Medulla and Vertebral Column. Calm the pain. It provides Vitality, Action, and above all Psychic Protection, against harmful people or strange environments … whether at work, family, or place we travel to. Very useful when making deals in business. Its “balancing factor” produces the harmony and good will required in those moments.

To find work on this finger of the right hand and to keep it on this same finger of the left hand. • In the thumb, Meridian of the Lung. Facilitates breathing and pranic assimilation. It benefits in all throat problems. Its soft effect affects the larynx, tonsils, ears and lymphatic system.

To activate livid on this finger of the right hand and to calm it on this same finger of the left hand.


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