Anna Maria Van Schuurman

Anna Maria Van Schuurman or Van Schurman. Fuena, a famous Dutch writer , linguist and philosopher, mastered several languages .


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Biographical synthesis

He was born in Cologne, Germany on November 5 , 1607 . She stood out as a writer although she was a scholar, famous throughout Europe , as she cultivated all the arts and mastered several languages: French , Italian , English , German, Latin , Greek , Hebrew, and Ethiopian.

In 1630 he learned the art of engraving . In 1636 she was the first female student at the University of Utrecht . Women at that time were prohibited from studying at a University , and in the classes they attended, it had to be behind a curtain so that male students could not see it. He showed interest in literature and all kinds of sciences , but especially in theology . Finally, he graduated in Law .

Anna Maria also developed a wide variety of artistic interests. Delicate engravings produced using a crystal of diamond and became expert in sculpture , modeling wax and carving wood and ivory . He also painted, especially portraits .

In the last stage of his life he leaned towards Pietism. He wrote several works on Philosophy and Theology .


He died on 4 as maypole as 1678 , in Frisia , Germany .


  • “Dissertatio de ingeni muliebris ad doctrinam et meliores litteras Capacity”, (1641)
  • “Opuscula Hebraea, Graeca, Latina, Gallica, prosaica et métrica”, (1648 and 1650)
  • “Eucleria seu melioris partis electio”, (1673)


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