Angel hair

The angel hair (sometimes sweet pumpkin or sweet cayote) is a sweet, made with caramelized pulp of various fruits of the family Cucurbitaceae (fibers pumpkins , Cayotes, cucumber ). Depending on the country and region of the world, Cucurbita maxima (the giant squash, called citron), C. ficifolia (cayote, chiverre, cayote or alcayota citron) or Sechium edule (chayote) are used. In certain Latin American countries it is also customary to do it with mango. It is usually used as a filling for numerous sweets in Spain and Latin America.


Angel hair is made by cooking the pulp of a cucurbit in a very concentrated sugar solution (syrup) until it unravels into a kind of fine golden yellow thread. In Spain citron squash or musk is used. Usually the same amount of sugar is used in syrup as pumpkin. Sometimes lemon juice is added to the mix(an acidic medium) and cinnamon to flavor. The resulting sweet, which consists of thin strands of transparent white or slightly golden color, is used as a filling for cakes and tarts, for example it is used as a filling for cocas, Mallorcan Ensaimadas, or sweet dumplings. It is also frequent to see it in sweets made with puff pastry called bayonesas. The sweet of chiverre (made with angel hair) is a traditional food in Costa Rican Easter and is eaten as such or used as a filling in various sweets.


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