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Friends of the science portal, have you ever written anecdotal texts ? If so, what story did you write?

As we know that you can find this anecdotal text in one of the materials in Indonesian. Nevertheless, the Science Portal will still provide an example of anecdotal text taken from a book written by Martha (2005). Look carefully at the anecdotal text below …

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At an ifthar gathering or open together in one of the mosques in the land of Uncle Sam, my wife and I were seated separately due to the crowds of attendees.

I was in the mosque. Meanwhile, my wife was outside the mosque together with other mothers from Indonesia. A mosque caretaker from Saudi Arabia gave a speech. Understandably, because most of those present from the Arab countries there, yes … the initial reception using Arabic.

Incidentally I sat close to the window of the mosque, so that I could still see my wife and her friends who were gathering alone.

When the remarks from the management of the majid were delivered, I saw how they raised their hands with an amin- mouthed gesture . Apparently the mosque administrator’s speech was heard by them like a prayer.

Understandably most of the mothers who came from Indonesia who attended the opening together, happened to not understand Arabic. “Sorry … yes,” I said to my wife and entourage who at the time of iftihar arrived, “that was actually not a prayer, but a speech.”

Once they realized what they had done, they just laughed too. “Wow, we have a lot to learn Arabic,” said one mother.

The above explanation is one example of anecdotes. You can also make anecdotal texts based on your personal experience. However, for this one the portal takes an example from the book Ibu Martha (2005).

One of the anecdotal texts above shows that there is a funny story in it. Where the mothers who took part in opening together at the mosque in Uncle Sam agreed to the speech delivered by the Arabs, because it was thought the Arabs were reading prayers.

What made the incident funny was the ignorance and misunderstanding of the mothers in interpreting the speech delivered by the Arabs. That is because they do not understand Arabic. Interesting story, right?

Now, after we know one story that illustrates about anecdotes. Then, what is meant by anecdotal text? What are some parts of anecdotal text? Check out the explanation below.

Understanding Anecdotal Text

Anecdotal text is a form of continuous text . Eduka Teachers’ Team (2015) states Anecdotes are interesting short stories because they are funny and impressive, generally about important people or famous people based on actual events.

The development of the times, causing the anecdotal text to be an opening or spice in a speech. The purpose of the anecdote in the opening speech is to create a more relaxed atmosphere which can sometimes also be a natural satire.

Another meaning of anecdote, namely a text that contains about the experience of someone who is not unusual, which is delivered with the aim to entertain readers and listeners.

Based on the opinion above, it can be concluded that the anecdotal text is a short story that is delivered in the opening of a speech to give an interesting and funny impression, so that the listener feels comforted by the story being told.

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Part of the Anecdotal Text

Afif (2010) states anecdotal text is basically similar to recount text . This means that a type of text that reports about events, events, or activities experienced by someone, but anecdotal texts generally end with funny or playful things.

Eduka Teachers Team (2015) states part of the anecdotal text, including

  1. Abstract is a part that is located at the beginning of a paragraph that serves to give an idea of ​​the contents of the text. In general, this section shows something unique in the text. Afif (2010) states abstracts contain signs about what is told in the form of unusual, strange, or summary events of what will be told or optional.
  2. Orientation is a part that shows the beginning of the story or the background of how the event occurred. In general, the writer tells in detail in this section. Afif (2010) states orientation is an introduction in the form of introduction to characters, time, and place.
  3. A crisis is a part when a thing or problem is unique or unusual to the writer or to the person being told.
  4. Reaction is a part about how the writer or person who is written to solve the problems that arise in the previous crisis section.
  5. Koda is a final part of a unique story that occurs or can also be a conclusion about the events experienced by the author or the intended person. Afif (2010) states koda is a change that occurs in a character story.

Afif (2010) adds one more part to the anecdotal text, which is an event or event , is a series of events or events. This event is located in the pre-crisis section.

Based on the explanation above it can be concluded that, part of the anecdotal text, includes:

  1. Abstract is a part of anecdotal text which is located at the beginning of a paragraph that gives a unique cue about the picture that will be told in the contents of the text
  2. Orientation is part of the anecdotal text that describes the character, time, and place of the incident where the event that will be told to occur and told in detail or clearly.
  3. Event or event is part of the anecdotal text that describes a series of events or events that occur in the story.
  4. Crisis is part of an anecdotal text that tells about the problem that occurs that is unique, to the reader and listener.
  5. Reaction is part of the anecdotal text that contains the solution to the problem or solution from what is told at the crisis stage.
  6. Koda is the final part of the anecdotal text that contains the changes experienced by the characters conveyed in the story, usually in this section related to the conclusions of events experienced by the creator of the story.

What about portal-ilmu.com friends, do you understand what is meant by anecdotal text and parts of anecdotal text. After studying the material above, I hope you can master more about making in anecdotal texts. For other examples, please read the anecdotal text sample collection . Happy learning and always successful.

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