What Is Andouillette;5 Things You Must Know Before Eating

Andouillettes are tripe sausages – sausages made from the stomach lining of pigs together with various assorted innards and a leavening of belly of pork, and stuffed inside the pig’s intestine. They are eaten hot. The word is a diminutive form of andoudk, which appropriately enough stands for a larger version of tripe sausage, which has a black skin and is usually eaten cold. The French word comes from late Latin :taw:Mills ‘capable of being inserted’, an allusion to the stuffing of the filling into the skins.

What Is Andouillette;5 Things You Must Know Before Eating

Andouillette is traditionally served with white wine and shallots, accompanied by fried potatoes, fries or mashed potatoes. It can also be served with fruit apples, lentils, celery purée, red cabbage, sauerkraut (in Alsace), or flambée with Calvados (in Normandy) or simply accompanied by a salad of lamb’s lettuce. It can also be braised.
It requires careful cooking: grilled on the outside and hot inside and without added fat.

Production of the Andouilette

Andouilette is made from the stomach and intestines of pigs. Occasionally, stomachs and intestines of calves and cows are added. Andouilettes are smaller than Andouilles, contain no solid individual pieces and are less spicy. They have a stocky shape, a diameter of about 2.5 cm and a length of about 7 to 10 cm.The andouillette is a rather arduous part, which essentially consists of intestines and stomach of pork. Its smells like it’s made up of gut and stomach.

Where to find quality Andouillette?

The best andouillettes have an AAAAA label that guarantees compliance with the sanitary rules of preparation. The best known are: Andouillette of Troyes, Andouillette of Périgord, Andouillette of Provence, Andouillette of Jargeau.

Nutrition Facts Of Andouillette?

  • Andouillette is one of the low-fat deli products (16g / 100g).
  • In addition, these lipids are 59%, that is to say, the majority of unsaturated fatty acids, including 46.7% monounsaturated and 12.5% ​​unsaturated poly (3, 6).
  • 100g of andouillettes contain much less fat than 100g of celery remoulade or 100g of vegetable pie.
  • They are also interesting sources of protein. They bring as much as meat (average content of 18 to 20g / 100g), or 19g / 100g for andouillette.
  • These proteins, of animal origin, have an excellent biological value, since they contain all essential animate acids, unlike plants which are generally deficient in one or more animate acids. They actively participate in the manufacture, maintenance and renewal of cells.
  • Andouillette has another advantage: it is reasonably caloric (100g of andouillette = 222 kcal).
  • Cooking the andouillette does not require addition of fat, it is succulent grilled.
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