Do you have old dolls and want to know their value? Perhaps you have found a small treasure in the grandmother’s attic and want to know if it is worth selling them. Or maybe you are just thinking about getting started in the world of collecting and you are attracted to the beauty of old dolls.

Well, to inform us about the issue we have talked with our friends of Antiques San Francisco , one of the most important antique dealers in Barcelona, ​​to give us some advice.

Jan Foulke’s Blue Book

There are several tables that inform, in an updated way, of the value that an old doll can have and be able to do what it can be worth in the market. But one of the best references is the book “Blue Book” by Jan Foulke, the best guide of old dolls and ratings that exists.

The problem is that, neither in Foulke’s book nor in other tables will we find all the existing dolls. It happens especially with the old Spanish dolls. The manufacturers, in many cases did not record any inscription. Or, if they did, it was putting a label with the mark on the clothes. But rarely do we get the original clothes so the labels are lost.

In that case, the only option is to identify the piece in old doll books. That is the method that experts follow.

But what should we consider when assessing an old doll

Factors to value in old dolls

Its attractive

If we have an old doll, the first thing we have to look at is its attractiveness. Is it interesting enough for someone to want to exhibit it in their collection? Of course, it is a very subjective value, but there are a few specific features that make it more interesting:

  • Mold quality
  • The artist’s expertise in painting it
  • A realistic colored

The marks of the old dolls

We usually find the mark on the back of the head or on a shoulder blade. That brand may include a name, the year of manufacture, a serial number or the seal of the manufacturer.

Some of the most interesting brands for collectors are:

  • Simon & Halbig
  • Jumeau
  • Schildkröt
  • Käthe Kruse
  • Armand Marseille
  • Schoenau & Hoffmeister
  • Petit Collin
  • Lenci

That is complete and is all original

An old doll complete with all its original parts and its original clothes will have much more value than the same model of incomplete doll, if it has been restored with parts that are not original or wears clothes of another doll.

Your state

As with any other ancient object, its status is also very important in ancient dolls. Anyway, dolls in an impeccable state are very unusual. It is important to see if the wrist has bumps, spots, scratches, repairs or any other sign of deterioration. It is also important to see if you have tight or loose rubber. It is an issue that affects arms and legs and, therefore, the wrist posture.


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