Analysis Override 2

Battles between armored metal giants with a strong multiplayer component.

A couple of years have passed since Modus Games edited the first part of the title at hand. A rather humble production that was called Override: Mech City Brawl and that passed without pain or glory for the users … and also for the specialized press, receiving rather tepid criticism from the few media that published the corresponding analysis. With this in mind, the truth is that the expectation that this continuation, Override 2: Super Mech League , had caused , is not that it was something incredible precisely, to the point that possibly more than one of you was not even aware of its launch imminent. A coming-out that has just taken place, being curiously one of the few titles thatis available for all current gaming platforms , without exception.

Once again we are facing a title of fights that is quite far from the conventions of the genre as in a moment we are going to show you and that, although it is a totally secondary aspect of the game, it gives plot continuity to the plot embodied in the original work. Therefore, on this occasion, everything takes place seven years later than what happened in the past, with the evil Xenotypes exterminated at the hands of the brave mecha robots, which in the end are the main protagonists of this production. These metal beasts have become one of the favorite entertainments of the population, which closely follows the fights that take place between these robots. A form of entertainment that has spawned world leagues in which we can participate.

The mechas are the main protagonists of this atypical arcade fighting game with 3D gameplay.

Four better than one

In essence, we are facing a 3D fighting arcade that allows fighters to move freely through environments made in 3D, in the purest style of what has been experienced in certain recent works such as the My Hero One Justice saga , for example. In this way, it is possible to wander from one side to another within the environments that this production presents, being able to use the objects and weapons that are going to end up in them and, also, grab elements present in them such as small buildings, containers, etc. to launch them at opponents from safe distances. And it is fair to say that despite the considerable size of these fighters, the truth is that they move quite fluidly., being able to even perform defensive and evasive maneuvers with great ease.


You can choose from more than 20 different robots, each with its own unique set of moves and abilities.

As for the control system, it has a basic layout inherited from the Tekken saga , in the sense that it is possible to control the four extremities of each character using a specific button … although this time these buttons are not the ones located on the front of the remote as usual, but the triggers and upper buttons. A control scheme to which other actions are added, such as the ability to perform jumps (and double jumps), use a shield (which is a kind of ball suspiciously similar to the one used in the Smash Bros. saga .) and, of course, unleash some devastating special actions (once we have filled the turn meter). A handling that, on paper, should give enough of itself but that, in practice, is more limited than it seems, especially in relation to the issue of combinations of blows.

The handling resembles to some extent that embodied in the ‘Tekken’ saga, being able to control each of the robot’s extremities with a specific button.

The dynamics of the fighting is quite attractive, especially when four characters come together. Indeed, one of the great attractions of this work is the possibility of playing with three other players , being able to do so both locally and online, a facet that gives a lot of life to the title as a whole. And it is that the more players take part in each fight, the more fun it ends up being. If we play alone, the title loses a lot of interest, at least in our opinion. Some contests in which it is possible to choose more than 20 characters, figure more than respectable. And as for its game modes, the truth is that neither are the possibilities that the title offers us too many nor are they surprising at all.The main claim that this title has are the Leagues, which encourage us to compete online in various submodalities (brawls, two against two, etc.), being able to unlock new functions such as the possibility of fighting for a certain club, marking our character with various accessories and others. And next to this option we find other classics such as Versus or Training, something common in any title of this nature.

We can unleash really impressive special actions if we fill the turn meter, and for that we need to use the energy provided by this lightning that you see here.

The evolution of each combat is quite satisfactory and entertaining overall . The mobile elements (in even whole parts) that the sets have provide dynamism and even a small strategic load, as happens with the use of the aforementioned objects. In addition to all this, it is a relatively colorful title. No, it does not exploit the potential of the PS5 at all (which is the version we have tested), but the fights go smoothly, the special effects that cause the blows and explosions are felt and the appearance that the protagonists look is quite apparent. A sophisticated graphic facet to which is added a sound section in which the special effects stand out far above the somewhat crushing melodies.

In technical matters it is not a feat, although it is necessary to affirm that sometimes battles leave us quite striking images.

A somewhat strange but interesting fighting title

Not many fighting titles are available right now that offer open 3D gameplay suitable for up to four simultaneous players and whose fighters are none other than giant robots. Simply because of its relative freshness it is worth giving a chance to this work by Modus Studios, which also has other qualities such as a good control system (although it is not too deep), a generous range of controllable characters and various game modes … not original at all, yes. It is clear that it is one of those proposals that alone lose a lot of grace and that it is aimed at a very specific group of users, but it entertains enough that you like what it proposes and is well resolved in general terms.


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