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The mega classic of 2D platforms returns with a quite revamped game formula … but the same devilish difficulty.

v Those of us who enjoyed Super Meat Boy first on Xbox 360 (via its Xbox Live service ), and later on a host of other systems, have had to wait no less than a decade (the original appeared at the end of the year 2010) to lay the glove on its continuation. But, finally, Super Meat Boy Forever is now available … at least for Switch owners (version that we have reviewed) and PC users (through the Epic Game Store ). A temporary exclusivethat apparently has not sat well at all (logically) to players of other gaming platforms, although the title will end up appearing sometime next year (yet to be determined) on Sony and Microsoft desktop consoles.

A delivery that, as surely many of you already know, arrives surrounded by a certain commotion caused by the notorious changes that have been incorporated in this long-awaited sequel. But before entering to reel off its playable section, which has a lot of crumb, his is to first clarify the plot that, although simple and not at all original, serves as a motivation to put ourselves in the shoes of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl. The evil Dr. Fetus takes advantage of a couple’s carelessness to kidnap their beloved son Nugget. A very nice narrative that, in addition, we can follow in detail throughout different video scenes that dot the adventure, quite curious sequences that are impregnated by a really estimable sense of humor .

In this second part, very notorious swaps have been made, the new auto runner approach being the most important and controversial of all.

Jumps in auto runner plan

Going into the matter, the first thing to note is that due to some circumstance that escapes us, this second part of Super Meat Boy has significantly changed its basic game formula. What was originally an arcade platformer with classic 2D gameplay, in this new edition the Team Meat team has seen fit to turn it around to become a car runner, a subgenre that has gained a lot of ground in terms of popularity in recent years, but especially in everything that has to do with the mobile games market. A decision difficult to understand considering the good … or, rather, the formidable results that the original edition gave us. Obviously, there are colors for tastes, but we must confess that although it seems wonderful that developers always try to infuse new concepts into their titles to avoid overly continuous deliveries, in this case we think that said exchange has not benefited the game in its set.


Once again we are facing an incredibly challenging title, only suitable for the most skilled and patient players.

But let’s go in parts. The general approach of this work is very simple. Through a series of worlds divided into various phases we have to try to reach the end of it, no more, no less. Some levels, yes, that are authentic hells and that from the second or third phase things get really difficult, reaching epic tints in some levels … especially those that belong to the so-called Dark World or Dark World, even more complicated versions (Oddly enough) of each level that we assure you will become your worst nightmare. And it is that on this occasion the developers have followed closely the provisions in this regard in the original delivery: it is one of themost difficult and challenging titles of all that we have been able to “suffer” during this season .

As we progress, it is possible to watch a large number of video scenes, all of them seasoned by a sensational sense of humor.

The control is very simple. As the character we control (initially only Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are available, but there are many more unlockables) moves alone, we only have to worry about jumping, doing dashes , sliding on the ground and finishing off some rivals. Little more. Very simple handling and, most importantly, really precise, being a real joy in that sense. But of course, the levels are riddled with all kinds of enemies, obstacles, cliffs and traps that can kill us with one stroke. And believe us, they do … over and over again! In each game the normal thing is to lose your life every few seconds . Soulslike games laughsbecause in this sense we are facing an even less “permissive” work. In fact, many times it is necessary to memorize each section of the stage and practice the classic technique of trial and error to try to find the path or the path that our character must follow to avoid death. But of course, it is one thing to know what you have to do and another to have enough skill to achieve it …

As you can imagine at the end of each world a battle awaits us against the final boss of the turn, complicated combats … but not as much as we suspected.

To soften things up a bit and beyond the perfect handling that we have already mentioned, there are various control points throughout each level, being possible to resume the game milliseconds after losing your life thanks to the suppression of loading times . And along with this, it is also true that these phases are quite short and, assuming they do not kill us even once, they can be overcome in less than a minute most of the time. Another new feature that the title has is that, in each new game, the scenarios modify their appearance somewhat, which obviously increases their replayability in an incredible way.… Although in return for us they lose some personality. Therefore, we are facing a very demanding production of platform cut that has a remarkable level of quality. That is unquestionable. But it is also true that it is far from providing the same level of incredible fun that the original left us, so it leaves us with a bittersweet taste. That of having lost total control of the character has not convinced us.

If normal worlds are easy for you, try the Dark World versions. Some phases are like shooting yourself.

From an aesthetic point of view, we are facing a game that follows the artistic line marked in the original work … which seems to us a success. Once again the highlight is the design of the levels, calculated to the millimeter in many cases and full of simple but well recreated elements.. As for the protagonists, within their exaggerated simplicity all of them enjoy sensational animations, although it is also true that their range of movements is quite limited as we have already mentioned. Nor do we want to forget the large number of video scenes that have been integrated, all of them very nice and full of humor. And as for its sound section, the melodies are quite powerful and accompany the action well, while the effects (not very numerous) are heard with enough forcefulness.

Technically the title follows the line shown in the original, although certain elements have been improved, such as the coloring or the animations of the characters.

A very good platform game, but …

We have had a great time (within its infuriating level of difficulty) trying to overcome the challenges that Super Meat Boy Forever proposes , some of them so brutal that we believe we have lost several years of life . Without a doubt, it is a title aimed at a very specific sector of players, who will surely enjoy everything that this work offers them. What happens is that, after having had to wait no less than a decade, the sensations that this highly anticipated sequel to the great Super Meat Boy leaves you are not as satisfactory as one could hope. The radical change in its playable approachIt has not convinced us (why change something that worked perfectly?) so much, and other design decisions have not convinced us either. It is a very good platform title with 2D gameplay and high difficulty, but it does not overshadow the original under any circumstances.


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