Amazon Prime Video: What is the X-Ray Option?

Amazon Prime Video: What is the X-Ray Option.Here’s what X-Ray is and how it works, the option that makes Amazon Prime Video movies interactive.Amazon Prime Video is the world’s largest Internet company streaming platform. Founded in 1993, Amazon was among the first companies to sell products online and to date also owns, ComiXology, Alexa Internet, The Washington Post,, and the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Its streaming service boasts a wide range of titles in its catalog to satisfy the possible tastes of all users, including many Amazon Studios original productions  Included in the price of the Prime subscription, users can draw on the catalog at no additional cost. A really affordable solution, considering that Prime offers not only the ability to stream content, but also the Prime Reading service , Prime Music and one-day shipping on thousands of products.


The Amazon Prime subscription has a price of € 36 per year and € 3.99 per month, with automatic renewal and the possibility of cancellation at any time. All new users can try the Prime service for free for one month . If you are a university student you can take advantage of the promotion dedicated to you, Prime Student .

  1. Amazon Prime Video: What is the X-Ray Option?
  2. How to use X-Ray on Amazon Prime Video
    1. Using X-Ray from Desktop:
    2. Use X-Ray from TV or mobile device:

Amazon Prime Video: What is the X-Ray Option?

As we have already seen, Amazon Prime Video really offers many advantages to its users: from the possibility of drawing on the catalog at no additional cost, to compatibility with the Amazon Fire Stick that allows you to watch streaming content on your TV. However, there is another very interesting option on the platform, which not everyone knows about: the X-Ray .

X-Ray is an Amazon Prime Video exclusive option , which gives viewers the ability to learn more about the content they are watching. It is a window that looks out behind the scenes, allowing us to know facts, curiosities, bonus contents, information on the music, biographies of the actors and much more. In short, thanks to X-Ray of Amazon Prime Videos  do not happen again to watch a movie and scervellarti with the classic question ” where have I seen this actor ?”

How to use X-Ray on Amazon Prime Video

Using X-Ray is really simple. All the hidden functions in this advantageous service are literally “just a click away”.
All you have to do is press “play” on the content you want to watch, and the X-Ray option will automatically appear in the top left. But let’s see together in detail how to use it on the various devices.

Using X-Ray from Desktop:

If you wish to have information about the cast before starting to watch the title of your choice, you can proceed as follows:

  • Start the content you want to watch,
  • Move the mouse on the screen,
  • Click on the top left, on the word “X-Ray”.

This simple step will show you a page containing the entire cast of the movie or episode, depending on the content you have chosen, and by clicking on the actor whose biography you want to deepen, an IMBd page will appear with the main information (such as the most important roles) and a photo gallery.

For some content there is also a selection of scenes, where you can click to be transported directly to the point we want to see, extra content and much more. Once you have identified the word “X-Ray” you will find yourself faced with a series of options, different depending on the content, which you can click to learn more about a certain title. If, on the other hand, you are already looking at the chosen title and you want to know the actor present in that particular scene or find out more, just move the mouse cursor to see the option appear.

Use X-Ray from TV or mobile device:

The X-Ray option is also compatible with the following devices:

  • Amazon Fire Tablets;
  • Fire TV / Stick;
  • Android mobile devices;
  • IOS mobile devices.

To access the  X-Ray of  Amazon Prime Video by these devices, just move the cursor over the video or click on the button “on” remote control.


Now you can take advantage of all the hidden features in Amazon Prime Video, transforming the vision into an interactive experience that will satisfy all your curiosities about the chosen title!

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