What Are Almonds;5 Health Benefits of Almond As Dry Fruit

The almonds tree, a plant of the rose family and closely related to the plum, peach, and apricot, originated in Asia, and may have been introduced to Europe via Greece.The Greek word for ‘almond’, perhaps borrowed from some non-Indo-European language,which was taken over by Latin as amygdala.

Almonds were widely used in the ancient world, and their versatility persisted into the Middle Ages, when they featured largely in savory as well as sweet dishes, and were used as a basis for almond milk, a substitute for milk made with water and ground almonds. Marzipan, also known as almond paste, is a survival of this wide-ranging use, as is the popular combination of almonds with trout, but for the most part these days almonds are eaten whole (a popular new version is salted hickory-smoked almonds) or flaked as cake or dessert decorations, or reduced to a flavouring essence.

Nutritional Properties Of Almonds

Almonds are foods of seeds, commonly called ” dried fruit “Almonds are very good with other dried fruits, such as walnuts, a panacea. It has been noted that one who eat almond regularly have better blood circulation and low cholesterol level. They contain many minerals and vitamins, and provide the good energy for our body.It is very useful for those who do  sports because they contain many vegetable proteins.

They are very useful for those who do a  hard job because they help the nervous system and rich in magnesium.It helps to control stress and fatigue. They are also rich in calcium and therefore help the bones a lot, they also contain the vitamin and other antioxidant substances that keep the skin always soft and young. These are useful for the heart and for the whole circulatory system.

Here are some good reasons to consume almonds:

  •  Almonds are ideal for while doing sports because they offer energy and help to produce iron, calcium and magnesium.
  • Rich in calcium, help prevent osteoporosis
  • Some studies show that they act favorably on good mood
  • Give satiety and are indicated in diets.
  •  Dried fruit contains large amounts of fiber, useful for intestinal transit and fighting constipation.
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