All About Solar Energy

Today we are going to explain everything related to Solar Energy , as one of the first sources of renewable energy that plays one of the most essential roles in caring for the environment and in meeting the objectives of sustainable development .

What is solar energy

It is that renewable, natural, clean and alternative energy source that is harnessed from the sun’s radiation . Through different technologies or collectors heliostats, photoelectric cells, or solar collectors and getting to generate the production of electrical or thermal energy .

In itself, it is the energy that the human being obtains from the light and heat of the sun .

Solar Energy Characteristics

  • Renewable and natural energy that comes from the sun.
  • The sun generates more than 4,000 times more energy than humanity can consume.
  • Alternative energy due to the impact of fossil fuels and other environmental problems.
  • Source of energy developed and unlimited.
  • Energy used to generate electricity and is captured by means of solar panels.
  • Energy that is clean by not generating pollution.
  • Promote sustainable development
  • It is totally ecological and sustainable.

How does solar energy work

Undoubtedly, thanks to technology, this energy is transformed into electrical energy as thermal energy and it is used from the light and heat emitted by the sun.

To capture this energy, solar or photovoltaic panels are used to transform light energy (photons) into electrical energy (electrons).

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Types of Solar Energy

Among the main types of solar energy are:

Active; It is the one that uses technology and mechanical equipment such as pumps and fans to transform solar energy for ventilation, cooling and store heat in the future.

Passive; It is obtained directly without transforming it without technological, mechanical equipment, reflections or intermediate refractions.

Thermal; solar thermal energy to produce heat and heat food, water, heating, mechanical energy and subsequently electrical energy.

Photovoltaic; It is that renewable energy that is obtained especially from solar radiation and by photovoltaic cell for the generation of electricity.

Hybrid; that which is combined with other renewable energies such as biomass, wind energy and non-renewable energy such as fossil fuels.

Solar wind power; one that by means of a tower that heats solar energy and at the same time the air, creating a convention that is used to ventilate and cool the building or house.

Uses of Solar Energy

  • To heat the water.
  • Electricity supply
  • Lighting of places with special headlights.
  • Telecommunications
  • For transport and sea navigation.
  • Others

Advantages and disadvantages of Solar Energy


  • It is an inexhaustible source of energy.
  • It conserves the environment by not contaminating it.
  • It is an independent energy.
  • Economic energy and easy maintenance.
  • It is modular and of great application.
  • Generate employment.
  • It is sustainable.
  • Improves quality of life.


  • Initial Investment
  • Low efficiency technology
  • Intermittent
  • Climatology
  • Space
  • Transport
  • Availability and storage.
  • Environmental impact of solar panels and photovoltaic cells.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Definitely, the main benefits of promoting and promoting solar energy range from the energy security of the countries , increasing sustainability, reducing environmental pollution.

As well as the maintenance of prices in fossil fuels, mitigation of global warming, climate change, improvement in environmental and life quality of human beings.

Solar Energy Examples

  • Solar project.
  • Thermal solar energy.
  • Photovoltaic energy.
  • Greenhouses

Finally, it is one of the most sustainable alternatives to environmental pollution of fossil fuels and which allows to obtain light, heat and electricity to meet the basic needs of the earth.

The sun is a very important natural energy resource for the development of humanity, living beings and the environment.

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