When World Wetlands Day Is Celeberated

Within the environmental calendar, there is currently a very important date to raise awareness about the value that these natural resources represent for the future of the planet.

As is the World Wetlands Day that has been celebrated since 1997 with the adoption of the Convention on wetlands on February 2, 1971 .

The Ramsar Convention, whose main objective is to achieve sustainable development aimed at national, local, regional and global cooperation for the conservation, maintenance, rational and conscious use of the different wetlands that exist on planet earth .

What are wetlands

They are natural resources, ecosystems, areas or land areas that are covered by stagnant water , regulated by climatic factors and that do not exceed 6 meters at low tide.

They are made up of:

  • wet grassland
  • peat bogs
  • swamps
  • marshes
  • lakes
  • rivers
  • estuaries
  • deltas
  • low tide
  • coastal marine areas
  • mangroves
  • Coral reefs
  • water eyes
  • fish ponds
  • rice paddies
  • reservoirs and salt

What is World Wetlands Day?

It is a date that is within the environmental calendar and where humanity celebrates with different activities the importance of valuing, maintaining and conserving wetland ecosystems for a better future .

Objectives of World Wetlands Day

The main objectives of this worldwide ecological commemoration are:

Promote the rational use of these ecosystems through sustainable measures and actions that allow the conservation of wetlands for the continuity of their environmental services to future generations.

Raise awareness in general about the great value that wetlands represent for ecological balance on earth.

Promote environmental education activities , with the aim of generating knowledge and raising awareness about the benefits that wetlands provide for a better quality of life.

Importance of World Wetlands Day

It plays a very important role in promoting the valuation and benefits that different wetlands provide for the conservation of the environment, biodiversity, the quality of life on planet earth and for sustainable development.

Activities World Wetlands Day

Among the main activities that can be carried out not only on this day, it should not be forgotten that every day of the year should be activated in favor of the surrounding natural environment and the quality of life itself:

  • Environmental education programs and campaigns.
  • Educate children about the issue of wetlands and their importance.
  • Disseminate and promote information on the national heritage of wetlands.
  • Contact and invite professional experts to explain the importance of wetlands to climate change.
  • Encourage participation in said celebration in public and private organizations.
  • Perform environmental sanitation day.
  • Visit parks or natural areas to highlight their great values ​​and benefits.
  • Send notes to the media about the importance of conserving wetlands.
  • Encourage and promote the adaptation of a local wetland in the area and achieve its maintenance.
  • Promote environmental conservation measures.
  • Organize an exit to a wetland and promote its photographic exhibition.
  • Promote activities related to the conservation of air, water, soil, flora and fauna.
  • Promote any publication, information and everything related to wetlands.
  • Among other activities that range from organizing an event, debating, raising awareness, talks, workshops, outings, walks, excursions, ecological games and much more.

Wetlands are very important for mitigating and adapting to climate change , since they regulate water, reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere and protect against extreme weather events.

Finally, wetlands are reservoirs of waters that are in constant interaction with living things.

World Wetlands Day plays a fundamental role in publicizing the main benefits that derive from these ecosystems such as:

  • Water regulation
  • Habitat for the biological diversity of living beings
  • Carbon deposits
  • Erosion control
  • tourism
  • Recreation
  • They fight environmental problems like climate change

and among many other services that allow to satisfy human needs

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