What Is Aligote;5 Facts You Must Know

Aligote  A grape variety used for producing a rather acidic white wine. Its home area is Burgundy, where it used to be planted in large quantities and smuggled in white burgundy. But nowadays, when more strictly enforced appellation confront laws ensure that only chardonnay gets into the rand yin, it is relegated to the more lowly bourgogne a/fiord wine. Aligoté has been a part of the Burgundian landscape for over 200 years, grown alongside the iconic Chardonnay grape. Due to the high resistance to cold, Aligoté accounts for about 23% of the production of grapes in Russia.It is also produced in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldavia.

What Is Aligote;5 Facts You Must Know

Aligoté is a semi-fine white grape, quite productive, which gives clear, acidic, fresh and light white wines.Aligote produces light, dry wines . Bouquet – floral, with herbal notes. Acidity is high. It is often included in blends, especially in California (in wines for local consumption) and Russia. Able to give structure and enrich the aroma of blends from expressionless varieties.

Aligote Use And Application In Cooking

Aligote grapes are characterized by a huge number of positive properties. That is why it is recommended to eat regularly. With the help of this plant is carried out effective control of colds, as well as infectious diseases. With the help of grapes, the immune system is strengthened. Grapes increase hemoglobin, and also removes puffiness.From grapes prepare a variety of white wines. It is also used for making compotes and juices. From this grade very tasty jam turns out. Ripe berries are used to decorate a variety of desserts. They can be added to various fruit salads. Quite often carried out the use of grape vinegar in cooking, which is extracted from this variety. Grapes are very well combined with other fruits, which makes it possible to prepare a variety of dishes.

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