What Is Aioli As A Recipe;6 Benefits You Must Know

Aioli is one of the classic components of Provencal cuisine. It is essentially a garlic-flavoured mayonnaise, made with egg yolks, olive oil, and garlic. Perhaps its most typical role is to accompany the poached salt cod of Provence, but it really comes into its own during summer high days and holidays, when villages organize a grand Mali. Each member of the population ends up with a plate piled high with salt cod, boiled meat, a generous array of vegetables, stewed squid, snails, and hard-boiled eggs, the whole lubricated with large’dollops of fragrant aioli. The word, like the dish itself, is a compound of ail, ‘garlic’ and oh, the Provencal word for ‘oil’.

What Is Aioli As A Recipe;6 Benefits You Must Know

Salad With Aioli Sauce

If you have already prepared the sauce “Aioli”, they are not bad to fill the salad in a Mediterranean style.


  • 3-4 carcasses of small squids;
  • 150 g marinated or boiled asparagus;
  • 80 g pitted olives;
  • 1 sweet red pepper;
  • 2 ripe tomatoes;
  • greens (basil, rosemary, parsley, coriander), dill can be put, but ideally it is not needed, it is not consumed in mass in Western Europe;
  • lettuce leaves. 

Traditionally, in the Mediterranean coastal areas, the sauce “Aioli” is customarily served with seafood, various salads, fish soups and croutons. In Catalonia, Aioli is served with grilled lamb meat and boiled.It can decorate many dishes, as it is one of the basic and most versatile sauces. It will complement the fish, may serve as a salad dressing or served with crispy bread slices. Aioli will enrich the taste of fresh vegetables, and give an interesting note of boiled.

Aioli is a very garlic sauce;Garlic is long and dreary (about 1 hour for a small portion) frayed in a mortar, while constantly pouring olive oil in a thin stream.At present, aioli are often made with the addition of egg yolk or whole eggs, which significantly reduces the time and complexity of its preparation.

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