Aliens: Fireteam Elite Exploration Hidden Class Guide

When you launch Aliens: Fireteam Elite, you can choose between four classes of fighters, but, as it turns out, you can later unlock a completely new fifth, “Reconnaissance”

Before the start of the story campaign (or at any convenient moment between missions), Aliens: Fireteam Elite players can choose between four classes: shooter, demolition, technician and medic. Each of the classes has its own advantages and disadvantages, although for newbies I would say the shooter and the demolition are the best. But if you love streaming, you probably noticed that some players use characters of a completely new, fifth class – exploration. Let’s figure out how to get it.

At the beginning of the game, the exploration class is not even displayed in the selection menu, so many are completely unaware of its existence. The only way to know that there is a hidden class is to look at the list of achievements of the game. There is a “Master”, which requires you to upgrade 5 sets to rank 8.

So how do you unlock the Exploration class in Aliens: Fireteam Elite? Simple: Complete all story missions and complete four campaigns.

In total, the game has 4 story chapters, each of which has 3 missions. That is, you need to go through a total of 12 levels. It doesn’t matter what level of difficulty you play, it doesn’t matter whether you go through the game alone or with friends.

After completing the last level, press ESC and go to the “Layout” tab, where a new character class “Exploration” will appear. As with other classes, you will start at the first level. And in order to increase the level of intelligence, unlock new perks and class abilities, you will have to go through story missions again or participate in a parallel unlocked Horde mode.

You probably expected the Recon class to specialize in Rifles or Sniper Rifles, but in reality these fighters use a Pulse Rifle and a Submachine Gun. “Reconnaissance” is somewhat hidden support – just like a technician with a turret or a medic with a docking station and combat stimulants. Many abilities and perks will be useful not for a specific fighter, but for the whole team.

The skill set ” PUPS ” (parametric ultraportable spectrograph) is a small drone that detects nearby enemies, highlighting them for the whole team, and also briefly reduces the damage they take (by 20%). Combine this with other Scouting perks and modifiers that boost kill bonuses or weaken enemies found. As a result, you get some of the best multiplayer (team) ability in the entire Fireteam Elite.

The ” Support Drone ” ability allows you to summon a drone, which restores ammunition to nearby allies, and also grants them bonuses in the form of increased accuracy and stability by 20%. In addition, all allies hit by the drone, killing enemies, will slightly restore health. Throw in versatile modifiers like Quick Rollback III or IV, and most of the time you can support your team and literally exterminate the xenomorphs.

In addition, the third scouting skill, Focus , increases accuracy and stability by 105 for every two headshot kills within 10 seconds. This effect can be stacked three times!

It’s a pity that this class was not available from the very beginning of the game, but this is understandable: if you are going to complete story missions with friends at higher difficulty levels, exploration is one of the must-have classes for any team.

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