Aliens: Fireteam Elite Review

Repetitive structure and bad rhythm, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Although it hasn’t hit theaters in a long time, the Alien franchise never passes a beat in any media that presents itself. Back to video games, xenomorphs present themselves in a different way, but not so much, with Aliens: Fireteam Elite , an action game focused on cooperative action, either accompanied by an artificial intelligence or by two more friends to face the dangers that these creatures always have. offer us.

Team work

There was some anticipation from fans for a new Alien- inspired game that could capture some of the desperation of being with the universe’s most nefarious creatures, and at the same time deliver some of the fun of the second movie from the cinematic universe starring the soldiers hefty spacecraft. Last time things didn’t go too well for Aliens: Colonial Marines .

And if you came from Alien: Isolation , expect something completely different. Fireteam Elite follows a much more fashionable line with what co-op games tend to offer these days. A third-person shooter game that divides Space Marines into classes, leaving the balance of each stage completely in the player’s hands.

Whether playing alone or with friends, the title requires a trio to consist of characters from one of the four classes available at the start: Gunner, Daredevil, Technician or Doctor. Each of them brings unique special abilities that need to be explored to the full within each of the stages.

There is no specific rule for how a player needs to form his team, but he definitely needs to meet your needs. And these needs change according to the chosen phases, no doubt about it. Even repeated classes are valid in the game, there is no restriction whatsoever. Afterwards, the Recognition class is enabled as well.

Fun or grind?

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Aliens: Fireteam Elite is not impressive at first sight. Maybe it won’t even impress you ever. Everything the game purports to deliver has already been seen in some way elsewhere — even better if we’re quite honest. The shooting is the same, the weapons are nothing innovative – but then we need to take into account that even in the movies, we have nothing new in this regard – the cover system is the usual and the special abilities of each class are ok.

However, the idea here is to grab the player’s attention with XP, money to buy new items, be they weapons (a limited amount), consumables or class customization items, and some visuals (which don’t change at all the gameplay. To buy all these things you will need a certain dedication in carrying out the daily and weekly tasks that the game offers as extra challenges, or even finishing the game a few times.

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Two things can help create some hype over the game in an unconventional way. The first one is to change the difficulty. In addition to Insane, two others are locked in the menu and are only available when the player finishes the campaign for the first time. They can add friendly fire to the fray, in addition to making xenomorphs stronger.

The other bet is the challenge cards, special cards that can be bought in the base shop or can be acquired through the daily or weekly challenges. These cards add modifications to the gameplay of the game, and despite making things difficult in some cases, in the end always give double experience, among other things.

There is a very serious problem with the rhythm of each of the phases. In fact, they all look the same, in different settings. There is a time to walk through empty corridors, another time to face waves of enemies and even those where every second counts for survival. It would be interesting if it were something random, but the sequence of events is always the same, the whole game. Surprise doesn’t exist from the third phase onwards.

new story

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The game has a relatively short campaign. There are four different scenarios, with three phases each. Each scenario divides the mission into chapters of about 30 minutes (or less).

The game’s plot takes place about 23 years ahead of the original trilogy, and incorporates elements from the franchise’s most recent films as well. Not that it matters much, as everything that happens in the game is passed on to the player through rather tedious conversations (NPCs don’t even move their mouths). But tantrum aside, during missions some conversations add a lot to the moment at hand.

The scenarios also serve to complement what is being said in the plot, however, there is not much motivation to explore it. There are no secret passages, hidden secrets or anything like that, just a beep in front of you indicating where you should go in all situations.

Ultimately, Aliens: Fireteam Elite will need a little luck to survive in this world of cooperative shooters that exist on the market, some doing their job much more satisfactorily for a few years now (see Gears 5 ). The always equal structure of the stages can generate some discontent, but still, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with challenges by difficulty and cooperative action among friends.


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