ileron . Word of Latin origin that means Little Wing ; They are generally aerodynamically shaped structures that conveniently modify the flow of air through, on or under some surface to achieve a certain effect, they can be seen exemplified at the tip of the wings of an airplane , in the (rear, usually) parts of one car sports or racing, and the lateral lower, upper or large buildings such as estadiums, bridges and rasgacielos.


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In aeronautics

Ailerons and their situation in an aircraft. On the left: Conventional ailerons. On the right: Plane with Canards (In front of the wings).

Scheme of the operation of the ailerons, warping of the wing.

They are command and control surfaces that are generally found at the ends of aircraft wings. They make the turns of the plane on both sides through a warping movement .

Its location is the tip of the wing to increase the torque exerted. In some aircraft there is also an additional type of front wing called Canard that acts as a rudder at the same time (they may or may not be fully articulated. (See graphic A. )

They are controlled through the rudder or joystick and work by modifying the flow of air that circulates below or above the wings by modifying their speed and increasing or decreasing the pressure above or below them.

Models of car spoilers

They have an asymmetrical movement. When turning the rudder of the aircraft to one side, that side goes up and the opposite side goes down. The wing that goes up modifies the speed of the air flow and the wing falls by reducing its lift and resistance . Unlike the wing that goes down on the other wing, which increases the speed of the flow and therefore the lift and resistance and the wing goes up. (See chart B. )

In Motorsports:

The spoiler is used in race or sports cars to increase friction with the ground and stability (factors that tend to decrease at high speeds). They can be fixed (as in a Formula 1 car ) or mobile the latter are automatically controlled by a computer (as in the Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron ), they are usually mounted on the back of the vehicle, They have multiple forms of design and features according to the car.

In Architecture

In large constructions such as Olympic stadiums, skyscrapers or suspension bridges, aerodynamic structures that simulate ailerons are used to reduce the effect caused by the movement of the wind through the structure.


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