Aguardiente Ojén

Aguardiente Ojén. Of aniseed and sweet type, it was made from wine from the grapes of the vineyards that at that time were abundant in the municipality that bears the same name to which matalahúva was added as an aromatic ingredient.


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It was in 1830 when the ojeneto Pedro Morales invested the fortune he made outside the town to found a brandy distillery in Ojén. The result was a high-grade, aniseed and sweet liquor of high quality that earned him prestige and fame not only in Spain , but in much of the world, to such an extent that the name of Ojén was used as a generic denomination of brandy sweet and quality.

The consecrated one is already known of all a little glass of deojén accompanied by the seven taps that gave music to this old advertising slogan that still continues today and is repeated throughout Spain .

How it was distilled

For its distillation alembics were used, which were heated with juniper wood and later reduced with water until reaching 40 degrees. The type of grape used is not known for certain but almost certainly it was of the Muscat type since this is the most abundant in the entire area.

One of the alembics in which it was distilled.


At the end of the nineteenth century the phylloxera (small insect that attacks the roots of the vine to death) caused an epidemic in much of the European vineyard. In Ojén it was devastating to such an extent that a good part of the existing vineyards disappear. In 1920 the distillery closes.

It was a hard economic blow since there were many families who lived on brandy . At the beginning of the 70s of the last century, Juan Espada Fernández tried unsuccessfully to return to the town that famous brandy by creating a factory. The effort fell on deaf ears.

See also

The fame of this brandy remains in the memory and in the literary and artistic references about it.

In the heraldry of the municipality’s coat of arms a vine plant refers to this famous liquor .

Add that one of the few bottles of that famous brandy is in the Ojén Town Hall , protected by a dunite niche.


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