What Is Aesthetics In Art, Philosophy And Body Appearance

Aesthetics is the study of beauty as expressed through the sensuous as opposed to practical arts. Aesthetic education concentrates on creation and appreciation of music, dance, fine arts, literature and the dramatic arts.It is a branch of philosophy that is called philosophy of art.It studies the essence of beauty or what is beautiful, whether natural or artistic.

What Is Aesthetics In Art, Philosophy And Body Appearance

Aesthetics In Art And Philosophy

Popular wisdom says that “beauty is a state of mind” and that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. If so, everything can be beautiful, as long as our eyes can find the beauty of each thing. In fact, that’s exactly what the vision and the other senses are doing all the time. We look for the nicest ways, the most interesting people, the most delicious food, the most comfortable furniture and so on, often not even realizing that we are making choices based on aesthetics.

philosophers, have been researching the eternal pursuit of the beauty.They said that, beauty will depend on individual and collective taste.Aesthetics has different meanings depending on the context where it is used, although all revolve around the perception of the beautiful .In everyday contexts, it is used to refer to the physical appearance of a person, a thing or space. For example: “Putting the trash  in the door  can affects the aesthetics of the facade”.The main aesthetic values are: beauty, balance, harmony, tragedy and horror.

Body Aesthetics

The word aesthetics has other senses beyond the philosophical one. By aesthetic, people can refer to personal physical appearance, to the appearance of a space or thing . For example, “That decoration breaks with the whole aesthetic of the house”.Body aesthetics refers to the external appearance of people, hence there are centers that specialize in various treatments in order to improve the appearance of certain parts of the body, including some lead to cosmetic surgeries.The corporal aesthetics is  special importance for the people, for that reason they worry about having an appearance as much healthy as aesthetic.

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