Advantages of being a university student

It is more than common that you think about entering higher education after finishing high school. After all, an undergraduate course offers greater possibilities for growth in the job market.

However, did you know that there are several other advantages to being a university student? That is exactly what we are going to talk about here in today’s text. So, come with us to find out why being in college is so cool. Good reading!

6 Advantages of being a university student 

In general, the benefits of being a college student can be divided into two large groups. The first is related to professional and intellectual development, and the second to privileges that make everyday life easier.

  1. Opportunity to hone your skills  

The higher education course provides technical and specific content for a specific area of ​​study. In addition, during graduation, you can conduct research, participate in debates, conduct guided visits to companies and provide advice, among many other things.

All of this will make you develop personal and professional skills, transforming you into a better trained person.

  1. Right to pay half-price at different places and events 

Anyone who is a student, even at university level, has the right to pay a reduced amount in different places. According to the Half-Entry Law , you only need to present your student card to have 50% discount in cinemas, concerts, theaters, sporting events, circuses and several other spaces for entertainment and culture.

  1. Ease of opening a bank account  

It is not always simple to open a bank account. In addition to needing to prove income (something that not every student has), you have to pay high maintenance fees.

Those who are university students, however, have differentiated service in most agencies. Thus, you can make the account by presenting only proof of registration. In addition, you receive exemption or discounts on bank fees.

  1. Discounts on streaming services and products  

In addition to the half-price guaranteed by law, the university student has discounts on several other products or services. Music streaming platforms, such as Spotify and Deezer, for example, already offer subscriptions with values ​​reduced by 50% for those who are in college.

Another example is Microsoft’s Office Package (Word, Excel and Power Point). The company offers the subscription to Office 365, which gives online access to the aforementioned programs, completely free of charge for students. To do so, just register your e-mail linked to the educational institution on the website.

  1. Free or cheaper tickets  

University students can apply for a student card. With this, it is possible to pay half the bus fare or even receive a total fare exemption (in this case, some socioeconomic requirements must be met). That is, you can have a huge economy with public transport.

  1. Networking creation  

Networking is the same as network of relationships and is something extremely important, both from the point of view of the exchange of knowledge, and from the professional perspective.

After all, if you know more people, the greater the chances of getting a nomination for a job vacancy or finding out about the opening of selection processes.

And, the university period is one of the best times to start building your networking. Especially because you have contact with a lot of people, from students in your classroom to teachers, speakers and students from other courses or classes.

Well, in light of everything we have explained, it is easy to see that there are several advantages to being a university student, isn’t it? In addition to academic knowledge and growth in the professional market, you also get multiple discounts and can build important relationships.


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