Telematic University: what factors to consider before enrolling

The online universities are perfect for all working students who have little time to follow the lectures in person. Balancing study and work is not easy at all, it is no coincidence that you need to have good time management, self-motivate and stay in contact with other peers, set goals, get help from friends and find a comfortable position to study.

What are the factors to consider before enrolling? Let’s understand together what are the differences between telematic and frontal universities.

Online vs classic universities

The educational offer is very wide, even if in online universities there are not (yet) available all the degree courses present in the traditional ones. Currently we find the faculties of Architecture, Fashion and Design, Agriculture, Archeology, Philology, Economics, Engineering, Law, Languages, Humanities, Psychology, Pedagogy, Education Sciences, Biological Sciences, Nutrition Sciences, Administration Sciences, Political Sciences and Sciences Motor.

Among the points in common we find the fact that the exams must be carried out on site: each university electronically has several branches from North to South Italy where you can go to take the exams in person, without moving too much from your city. We remind you that each university decides autonomously the exam methods which can be oral and written with open-ended questions or with cross-check tests.

There are many differences : first of all, online universities have very low prices compared to classic ones because they give because they give way to eliminate many more expenses such as those of travel : the courses are exclusively electronically, so it is not necessary to live outside the city or buy a bus or train pass and also invest money for a car or a moped or any other means of transport.

The costs for the purchase of books and handouts that are made available on the online platform are also eliminated : this service is available to members at any time of the day, to follow the lessons even late at night, always with the help of tutor and the comments of the professors themselves.

In classical universities the right differs ISEE (so who has a lower pay less ISEE), while in the online universities this rule is not there and there are concessions and agreements (UniMarconi turns out to be the university more more economic with a minimum annual cost of 1600 euros, while UniPegaso costs 3000 euros per year).

In conclusion, the factors to consider before enrolling in an online university are the city in which the student lives, which course the student wants to attend, what is the most suitable type of exam and the budget available.

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