Advantages and disadvantages of internet

Internet has both advantages and disadvantages. It depends how you adopt it.
Benefits of Internet –

  • With the help of internet, we get any kind of information within minutes with the help of search engines.
  • With the help of internet, you can talk for hours or email with people living far away.
  • If you are bored, then with the help of this you can download songs, movies, games. It is a good tool for our entertainment.
  • With this help, you can get online ticket booking, online banking, online studies, online shopping and online jobs.
  • In this, you can make new friends with the help of social networking site. With which you can learn a lot.

Disadvantages of the Internet –

  • The biggest disadvantage of the internet is that you get used to it and it wastes a lot of your time.
  • If you use the Internet for online banking, social networking sites or other sites, then your personal information such as name, address, mobile number etc. can be misused.
  • The use of the Internet increases the risk of viruses in your computer.
  • The biggest disadvantage of the internet is from pornography sites, there are many pornographic photos and videos on such sites. Seeing this has a very bad effect on children.
  • Through the Internet’s social networking site you do online chatting. Due to which social reconciliation is ending.
  • Spam means undesirable e-mails through e-mail. Those whose purpose is only to steal confidential documents.
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