5 Advantageous of Computational Linguistics

Advantageous of Computational Linguistics are very helpful for language students.There are many disciplines where we can study the language.Computational linguistics is a field of computer and language where technological research practices are done. It is an integral part of computer technology and also involved in sub-fields of artificial intelligence.

There are three main areas of research and engineering of computer-based language

The speech processing, automatic processing of written language  and dialogue machine.

The “word” is interested in the oral part of the processing of the acoustic signal and tries to decode it and changes it into writing. Speech synthesis transforms written text into sound. Two levels are required, phonology and prosody. Phone is a good example of application of these techniques.

NLP is particularly interested in texts, analyze, summarize, and translate.

Advantageous of Computational Linguistics  For Linguists

The language was first descriptive. The language which set standards for a particular language. It is then called grammar. It sets standards for the teaching of languages ​​and conventions for printing. The language may be theoretical, propose theories of language development and interpretation of languages:

There are several fields of study in linguistic theories:

  • phonetics and phonology (speech)
  • morphology and syntax (structure words and phrases)
  • semantics (meaning, dictionaries, abstracts)
  • Speech (text, dialogs).

IT can help linguists to:

  • look for examples and examples against large corpus
  • make statistics on the employment of words, syntactic constructions, rhymes …
  • calculate the terms of co-occurrences,

Corpus linguistics result of this technical contribution of computer linguistic studies.

Another view reports in linguistics and computer science is making computational models of linguistic theories and test these models by implanting them in a machine.

Many linguists say: it is possible to develop a model that will make a part of human language for automation purpose. It can be recognized, understood, interpreted and reproduced by a computer. This language technology includes a series of technical and linguistic resources. The first result will be in software and second will be knowledge bases that can be exploited by the same software.

Computer Linguistic research will allow us to live in a friendly with technology. We can use our knowledge of the language with the systems which will able to recognize both the spoken and written word, and to understand a text in sufficient depth. It will process it and extract information, translate it into different languages ​​and generate both an oral speech as a printed text.

The opportunities in the Language Engineering sector include all areas of information technology applied to the processing of spoken and written natural language (human-machine interfaces, recognition and speech synthesis, the translation support tools documents, electronic dictionaries.

Linguistic studies human language and its functioning. Based on a disciplined approach, it helps to better understand the structure of language acquisition, their conditions of use.Through the study and comparison of individual cases, language contributes to the formulation of a general theory of human language.

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