Abalon. It is a type of marine gastropod ( snail of sea ) of the genus Haliotis (from the Greek “Abalone”) with an ear – shaped shell having a row of holes in the outer edge. It grows on the sea ​​coasts of warm temperature and high sensitivity where there are rocks, its shades are due to the fact that this mollusk feeds on algae and drains the food through openings in the shell.


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Its initial name is abalone which means “abalone” but its commercial name is abalone. For thousands of years this beautiful seashell has been connected with magic, its blue and green shell is like having a piece of sea in your hands. The ancient Apache Indians used the abalone for their initiation rituals, in the passage from girls to women . Being connected to the water element greatly enhances the female part. The tranquility of a calm sea is transported by the abalone shell to whoever takes it, so it will bring us tranquility and balance throughout the day.

  • Crystal system: Rhombic.
  • Training principle: Secondary.
  • Mineral class: Organic stone .
  • Chemical formula mineral elements: Variable among which are: CaCO3, SiO2, FeS2.
  • Hardness: 2-3 on the Mohs scale.

Healing Properties

The endorsement is a shell widely used in different spells and magic spells . As it is a natural element, its metaphysical properties are very varied, and sorcerers and sorcerers of yesteryear have used its different colors to capture all kinds of benevolent, and also malignant, spells.

The colors of the avalón allow to affect the different chakras of the body , all at the same time. One of the chakras that benefit the most from the guarantee is the so-called ‘Heart Chakra’. When used in rituals of energy and spiritual cleansing, the avalanche helps to reduce fear, fear and anxiety.

The goal of the guarantee in relation to the chakra spells is to allow the hearts of individuals to shine with all the colors of the rainbow , attracting positive energies at all times, and without restrictions.

  • It provides security and protection, it is said that it helps to overcome insecurities, disappointments and despondencies, in addition to having a more attentive treatment of oneself and others.
  • It also helps us digest and assimilate proteins.
  • Calm menstrual spasms.
  • It helps to strengthen the structure of the body and the functions of the heart chakra.
  • Strengthens the immune system , muscle tissues and the heart.
  • Improves protein assimilation (can be used to aid digestion ).
  • It can be useful in case of arthritis and other common disorders.


Since ancient times in the fishing villages, its inhabitants used the abalone as an ornamental stone. The ancient Apache Indians used the abalone for their initiation rituals, in the passage of girls to women.

With the abalone shell, precious pendants and all kinds of jewelry are made. In addition in magic and occultism it is also used for different things.

In jewelry it is also used, polishing pieces of the inner cover, and carry the same energy with them, the energy of change and mutability protected by a hard, immutable shell.


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