9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Your Smartphone Charging

They will help out when the gadget sadly beeps with a red battery icon, and you need to leave the house right now.

1. Turn off your smartphone

Try to find the strength to do without the phone while it is connected to the power supply: just unplug it. So the smartphone will not consume battery power, and, accordingly, will charge faster. This is the simplest and most obvious action imaginable.

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2. Put the device into flight mode

Image: Rudy and Peter Skitterians / Pixabay

Connecting to a mobile network, as well as using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, drains the battery. If for some reason you cannot turn off your smartphone, then at least put it into flight mode. And the load on the battery will be reduced.

3. Do not play games or watch videos

These are also very energy-consuming actions. When you freeze in some fancy game with cool graphics, battery percentages can melt before our eyes, even if the gadget is connected to power. Therefore, no gaming or movies.

4. Use a cable with fast charging function

Image: Raimond Spekking / Wikimedia Commons

Most modern smartphones are equipped with the so-called fast charging function, or Quick Charge. It works like this: a special adapter allows the battery to take more voltage and amperage, so it fills up faster.

Check the specifications of your smartphone and make sure it supports fast charging. If so, purchase a dedicated charger that says Quick Charge in the specs. Or check if this mode is supported by the cable that came with the smartphone.

But it is worth remembering that accelerated charging is possible only up to a certain percentage of the battery capacity – then the process slows down so that the battery does not overheat. So this is an ideal option in case your smartphone is at zero and you need to go somewhere very soon.

5. Use a wall outlet, not a USB port

Your computer’s USB port or in-car charger provides less power than a wall outlet. Therefore, the smartphone from them will charge more slowly. For maximum energy storage rate, plug the device directly into a wall outlet.

6. Prefer cable to wireless charging

Image: Amaviael / Depositphotos

Wireless charging is a very convenient thing if you just want to put your smartphone on it, forget about it, and then pick it up fully charged. But when it is necessary to fill the battery as quickly as possible, it is better to choose a connection to the mains power supply via a wire.

7. Disable the sync process

If it is not possible to connect the gadget to an outlet or a power bank and only a computer is at hand, you will have to charge from the USB port. But even in this case, the process can be accelerated a little. To do this, after connecting the cable, select the “Charge only” mode. You won’t be able to transfer files to your smartphone, but charging the battery will speed up a little.

8. Do not overheat or overcool your smartphone

Image: Joshua Woroniecki / Pexels

When overheated or overcooled, the batteries take on more slowly and lose their charge faster. And in general, heat and cold negatively affect the health of the battery. The smartphone will feel best at normal room temperature.

Therefore, do not place the device on a charger in cold places, or, conversely, on a sun-drenched windowsill. If the room is hot, at least remove the cover from the device.

9. Use only quality power cords

It would be ideal to charge your smartphone through the cable provided by the manufacturer and included with the device. If you have lost the original, it is better to reorder the same one than to buy the first one that comes along.

You’ve probably noticed that a smartphone is powered faster from high-quality cables than from a non – original one , for example, taken from a friend. You can measure your charging speed using the Ampere app.

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