How to record a video message in Telegram

Video messages, which some users touchingly call “video in a circle,” are an extended version of voice messages. Such messages convey the meaning and emotions that are embedded in them much more fully.Compared to video calls, they are more convenient because the recipient can view them at any time. In addition, the sender has the opportunity to better prepare and evaluate the message before sending it.

The recording time is limited to 1 minute. Longer monologues will have to be divided into several parts and sent sequentially.Video messaging works in Telegram on iPhone, Android and Mac. The function is not available in the web version and on Windows.

How to record a video in a circle on Telegram

For example, consider how to record a video message in iOS, but the process will be exactly the same on both Android and macOS.

Go to the desired chat and click the microphone icon once. After that, it will change to the camera image.

Press and hold the new icon to record a video in a circle. If something went wrong, swipe left and delete the message. In order not to leave your finger on the button all the time, you can reach the lock at the top, thereby fixing it. To switch the camera from the front to the main one, click on the camera icon with arrows.

Release your finger and the message will be sent immediately. If you blocked the record button, then click on the small “Stop” icon and the arrow.

How to view a video message on Telegram before sending

By default, videos in a circle are sent automatically without preview. But if you want to evaluate them first, there are three ways to do this.

Record video as long as possible or use record button lock. In both cases, after the end of the shooting, a preview will open, and using the timeline at the bottom, the video can even be trimmed .

The third option is to go to Favorites, send a video message to yourself, and then watch it. If everything is in order, then you can forward the recording to the right person.

How to delete a video message in Telegram


Video messages are deleted in the same way as all others. Hold your finger on the entry, choose “Delete” from the pop-up menu, and then choose “Delete from me” or “Delete from me and the recipient.”


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