9 virtual walks to get in touch with nature

Being at home isolated is not an excuse to disconnect from the outside world. Technology has done too much to provide entertainment. The Virtual tours are an extraordinary option to connect again with nature and other places such as museums or tourist centers.

Make yourself comfortable on your sofa and prepare your device to live an unbeatable experience. The nature is ultimately the best remedy when we feel somewhat anxious. These spaces give us a different vision of the world and remind us of the wonders that live out there .

If you are a fan of watching animals while they swim, sunbathe or enjoy their snack, these are the live cameras that you cannot miss. Now we have access to beautiful places and beings like never before, so enjoy as much as we do …


9 virtual nature walks

Georgia Aquarium

On the official website of the Georgia Aquarium you can see live belugas, African penguins, whale sharks, puffins and other incredible marine animals.


Yellowstone national park

Nothing like imposing mountains and great cliffs to explore nature. Yellowstone National Park is available online for you to explore miles of nature from home.


Abisko National Park

Northern lights at your fingertips. The 360 ​​° tour of Abisko National Park offers a unique approach to these magical lights, are you ready to enjoy it?


Son Doong Grotto

National Geogrpahic and Martin Edström toured the longest cave in the world to bring to our devices a one-of-a-kind natural passage accompanied by 100% original sounds.


Zhangjiajie National Park

Like an action movie, this online ride will take you over the high mountains of this park in China with a 360 ° view.


Everest Base Camp

Surely you never thought to get to the most famous camp on Everest. The base of this immense mountain is a challenge and a dream for many, and now you have full access from the comfort of your home.


UPM forests

Discover the forests of UPM with a close-up tour. Just as if you were walking in the middle of the path, the camera will take you step by step into the depths of this green paradise.

UPM Life


Madikwe National Park

Connect live with this protected area in South Africa, an important work of animal protection that allows us to appreciate the beauty of these beings from afar.


Macchu Picchu

If you wanted to walk the trails of Machu Picchu, Peru, this is your opportunity to walk its steps and fields without getting tired.


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