8 essential books for those who do Accounting

To be a great accountant, having knowledge of the activity is one of the main requirements. And to stand out in the Accounting area, reading some books can be a great option.

In today’s article, we list 8 books that can help you in the challenges of this profession. Check out what they are.

  1. Law and Accounting: fundamentals of accounting law

In this book, the author presents the relationship between commercial law and accounting and argues that they should go together, in order to organize business relationships.

Author : Edison Carlos Fernandes

Publisher : Trevisan

Pages : 168

  1. Corporate accounting manual

This book is one of the most complete manuals and is known as the accountants bible. It is essential for accounting students and recent graduates, as it brings standards, legal interpretations and various guidelines related to legal harmonization.

Authors : Eliseu Martins, Sérgio de Iudícibus, Ariovaldo dos Santos and Ernesto Rubens Gelbcke

Publisher : Atlas

Pages : 880

  1. Cost accounting

This book is more technical, but has a very accessible language. It has basic concepts and work methodologies, and is indicated for those who want a specialization.

Author : Eliseu Martins

Publisher : Atlas

Pages : 408

  1. Business accounting

This book talks about the analysis and understanding of accounting reports. It helps accountants apply the techniques on a daily basis and improve reporting for their clients.

Author : José Carlos Marion

Publisher : Atlas

Pages : 976

  1. Tax accounting

This book has a very clear language about tax concepts and what the accountant’s role is, as well as its need for updating.

Author : Láudio Camargo Fabretti

Publisher : Atlas

Pages : 424

  1. Accounting, financial and tax controllership in small business

The author of this book presents a management plan for small businesses, in addition to showing inventory and cash control issues.

Author : Rubens Manzatti

Publisher : Trevisan

Pages : 164

  1. The service marketing revolution for accounting firms

This work is mandatory for those who do not have a marketing strategy, as it speaks of the advantages it brings to the accounting firm. The book also covers topics such as registration, customer retention, social media management and personal marketing.

Author : Ricardo de Freitas

Publisher : Clube de Autores

Pages : 117

  1. Big brother fiscal – III, Brazil in the era of knowledge

Among the subjects covered by the author are: electronic invoices, Simples Nacional, digital certification and online management system. These are some suggestions for books for those who are in the area of ​​Accounting Sciences, but our tip is: being updated is essential for your career! In addition to the readings, specialization courses can also help you go further.

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