7 tips to increase your Carnival sales

Commemorative dates are increasingly used as a strategy to retain customers and increase sales. Carnival is one of them – and it is not only those who sell costumes and props for the party that can benefit from the date. Even stores that are not in the branches that traditionally profit at the time, can ( and should ) take advantage of the period to carry out promotional actions and promote their products.

With that in mind, we have created a list of tips for you to be successful in sales this Carnival.

1. Seek to understand what people need most

Do research and find out what the public is most looking for in your store (according to your segment) in that period. Reinforce your inventory and prepare to meet demand.

In the case of those who have online stores, improve your SEO, which are the keywords searched on Google, this optimizes searches and makes your online store more visible. A good SEO means your site is better positioned on Google, which consequently can generate an increase in your sales.

2. Visual inspired by the carnival atmosphere

Combining the theme with your service arouses the interest of the customer and shows that you are connected on the holidays. Transform your storefront and / or your website to get the attention of customers, personalize your store inspired by Carnival. Be creative, bet on a unique differential, it will make a big difference when the customer chooses which store to enter.

Invest in personalized pieces, thematic decoration, banners, among others. If your store works through e-commerce, changes to the page layout, emails and social media posts related to the theme will also help.

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3. Custom packaging

Use customized Carnival packaging. This little detail can add value to the product and the brand, in addition to being a great way to surprise customers. Offering small gifts that refer to the date can also be an interesting strategy.

4. Bonuses and promotional coupons

Run a campaign that encourages customer feedback after the date. Whoever buys during the period, for example, can receive a discount on the next purchase. These coupons help to attract new customers, recover inactive customers and, also, retain those who already buy frequently.

5. Mobile access

Today, with the increasing availability of the internet on mobile devices, the time that people spend in front of the computer is getting shorter. Therefore, worrying about the look of your store on all devices, creating sales channels through WhatsApp, in addition to promoting products and promotions through social networks are some of the tips to encourage consumption – not only during the Carnival period, but in general.

6. Promotions go well at this time

Carnival is at the beginning of the year, a period in which a good part of Brazilians have their budgets compromised by taxes and accounts at the end of the year. Selling products or offering advantages in paying for them can be a great attraction for consumers.

Also take the opportunity to carry out product promotions that have had little turnover in the last few months, moving the stopped stock.

7. Communicate in advance

As we mentioned in the previous topic, promotions fall very well at this time of year. However, many customers usually travel during this period. It is important to make sure that everyone is aware of your store’s promotions before the holiday. The strategy is to use tools such as email marketing or even social networks for consumers to stay up to date before traveling. If you also want to work outside the internet, invest in billboards, folders, posters and announcements on neighborhood radio stations. The tip is especially valid if you advertise products that may be useful for the holiday.

Extra tip: Regardless of the segment of your company, the increase in the flow of people during this period of the year creates greater demands for cleaning and hygiene for the establishments that will receive them. Restaurants and bars, for example, will need to accommodate more consumers inside. As much as the reflexes are positive, such as greater consumption and consequently more profit for the owner’s pocket, there are still maintenance and hygiene factors that need to be taken into account. Therefore, extra attention when cleaning and taking care of your establishment’s hygiene!

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We hope that our tips will help you have a greater number of sales on this festive and joyful date of the year. Did you like the article? Have any questions? Leave a comment! Your feedback is extremely important to our company.


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