How to improve your email sales

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of promotion and dissemination on the internet. However, it remains one of the most efficient ways to obtain results.

Especially if we consider that not all potential customers of a company are on social networks, are blog readers or even have the habit of accessing its website, but that about  90% of internet users have an email and access it with great frequency.

With that in mind, we’ll list here some tips for you to be successful in your email sales.

1. Define the goal

The first step is to define the purpose of the email. What do you want your contacts to do when they open it? The intention may be that they access a new post on your blog, participate in a promotion, buy a product or even view a commercial proposal.

By defining your objective clearly, you will automatically have knowledge about the topic, format and content of your message. Since it is impossible to know what to write if you simply have no idea what the ultimate goal of the email is.

2. Get straight to the point

Customers are more likely to respond to short, direct emails.

Do not send emails with subjects that go around and make the reader waste his time. Show how your company can add to their lives and why they should choose to consume your product, service or content.

3. Own list

Buying email lists is among the least labor-intensive ways of getting a huge contact list. Perhaps that is why the acquisition of this type of material continues to be made today, being considered a crime according to the Penal Code.

However, it is important to remember that people who receive emails through this list have no idea how your company got in touch with them. And that ends up causing a very bad impression at the time of receipt.

Therefore, manage your own contact list . Although more laborious, the effort is worthwhile, since the people enrolled in it are in fact interested in your company and the services or content offered by it, in addition to having given the proper authorization to receive your e-mails.

Another important tip is to always leave the option to unsubscribe available in your emails. After all, it may be that the reader ends up losing interest at some point and having this option makes him feel respected and does not have the feeling that the company is bothering him with unwanted messages.

4. Content

After getting your contacts, try to continue generating quality content for them.

Don’t just send offers and promotions to your audience, use content marketing to add value to people’s lives. This is the real secret to increasing your sales by email and making the public see your company with greater relevance.

Send updates from your blog, new videos on your YouTube channel, news from the market, articles from other experts in your industry and so on. The more free, quality content you generate for people, the greater your chances of future sales.

5. Customize your email

Whenever possible, personalize your e-mails (include personal data of the customer such as name, surname and / or company). Make them look like a direct conversation with each person who receives the message, avoiding automatic and uninteractive messages. This way you will have a more intimate contact with the customer and make him feel, in a way, special.

Research reveals that personalized messages have 29% higher open rates than others , while the clickthrough rate is 41% higher.

6. Readability

Make content easy to read and always think of the best view for your emails.

Use models that are suitable for all devices (notebooks, computers, tablets or smartphones), that are easy to read and have a cleaner body, avoiding visual pollution.

Also try to organize the texts clearly, so that the reader can make a dynamic reading in the first few seconds and then decide whether to read it in full.

– Use headings and divide the text by subtitles;
– Use sentences and short paragraphs;
– Take extreme care with spelling errors;
– Use bookmarks and highlight the most important information. But try to emphasize as few words as possible, so that the text is not polluted;
– Create a standard signature for your email, it helps the potential customer to have more information about you (such as name and other contact details).

7. Offer options for engagement

Try to place interactive links within the email, such as icons for your social networks and buttons for sharing the message. You can also offer linked images that direct the reader to the subject of the email (such as a promotion, product or E-book, for example).

This makes it easy for the contact to share your post with other people.

8. Test and analyze

And last but not least: get tested ! Track the delivery of your e-mails, unsubscription rate, openings, clicks and other pertinent data to monitor the performance of your messages.

So you can test different titles and messages, different times and alternate days, always following the interactions to know what else generates results in your sales by email.

And remember:

Although you use email in order to generate more sales for your company, it remains a digital marketing tool focused on the relationship. So don’t waste the opportunity to create value in your contacts’ lives and increase your intimacy with them.

Make sure your email messages have a clear purpose and, above all, offer a good experience for your contact. In short, sales emails that get a higher response rate are short and simple, with an intriguing opening, a benefit that the customer can easily understand, and a closing that has an easy call to action.


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