7 Romantic Gift Ideas For Long Distance Relationships

The gift is something sacred in the life of a couple .

It must be personal and timeless in order to go beyond its material limits and become the memory of a precious time.

Sometimes words are not enough to say I love you .

Fortunately, nothing prevents us from expressing ourselves otherwise.

It can be through acts or through small treats. Because the gift is also a way to openly reaffirm the Love that one feels for someone .

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Here are now 7 Romantic Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships !


1. A book or a film on Distance Love

Distance love stories are always musts for the inspiration and the lessons they provide .

Whether it’s epic Hollywood adventures or more intimate and flower-filled tales, there are plenty of works that will make your other half from laughs to tears, then back to laughter.

For some ideas for novels on this theme , you can consult the articles 10 French Novels on Distance Love or 10 English Novels on Distance Love , where you will find all the information you need to make your choice.

If your other half prefers movies , I invite you to check out the list of the best long distance relationship movies , as well as all the movies made about it, to get the PERFECT movie DVD or Blu-Ray.

2. A gift box for two

Fancy a romantic adventure?

Opt for the gift box and plan your next reunion with 0% trouble and 100% relaxation !

Smartbox offers boxes for all budgets with, for example, adventure, tastings, well-being, gastronomy or even unusual weekends.

Discover the Smartbox boxes by clicking here .

As for Wonderbox , it offers a larger range of boxes ranging from gourmet getaways to dream stays, including many original offers.

Discover the Wonderbox boxes by clicking here .

3. Flowers and chocolate

Although we could cry cliché, I’ll stop you right now .

Flowers and chocolate are and will remain for quite a while at the height of gift romance.

Everyone loves flowers (especially ladies …) so why deny yourself an opportunity to offer them? There are already so few!

Pair them with some chocolate treats and you’re sure to hit your target.

In order for your gifts to arrive safely, you have two options:

  • the first is to order your bouquets and chocolates online from your computer and have them delivered directly to your partner’s address, at the time and date you want. I recommend you for Interflora or Florajet flowers, but there are many others that are just as good.
  • The second solution is to ask someone close to them to give them the gift on your behalf, possibly in exchange for compensation, which will be much more surprising and appreciable for your other half.

4. A Pair of Pendants

It is possible to remember that you are there for each other wherever you are thanks to a pair of pendants.

The idea is that everyone keeps half of it when you are apart . You can symbolically bring the two parties together during your reunion to mark the occasion.

Many models including heart-shaped will please you. I recommend this inexpensive and very popular Konov jewel , this gold-plated So Chic pendant , as well as these Angel Wings to share .

In the same vein and if you are not a fan of pendants, you can turn to more discreet and affordable key chains such as this or that one .

5. Pairs of matching Tshirts

Well, I admit that we are moving away from romanticism to get closer to “cute”, but after all, the important thing is that you both like it, and that it brings you closer .

Lots of tshirts for couples of all kinds are available on the web.

Offer your partner the other half to feel it close to you when you wear yours, and put them both on your reunion to shout out to the world how well you are in harmony.

Spreadshirt offers a large selection of tshirts to discover by clicking here . Otherwise you can go and see Couple de Eight .

6. Matching Pillowcases

Everyone has a pillow, right? Good.

So, why not give your partner a pillowcase that matches yours, so you can get even closer while you sleep?

A common problem with the long distance relationship is the difficulty in dealing with geographic separation. This is all the more true at night, when we try to fall asleep despite the fact that our other half is far from us .

Remember that you watch over each other constantly with these pretty successful matching pillowcases.

You can find different combinations of good quality on this Amazon page .

7. Yourself

The best gift in the world .

Give your other half the surprise of their life by going to visit them without warning and when they least expect it.

Obviously, this takes a lot of preparation and planning up front, but it can be well worth the effort.

And then if you want to play it safe, you can always tell your other half, the reunion will be all the more wonderful . Because a gift like that replaces all the others.

Mariah tells us very well:

So there you have it for the list of 7 romantic gift ideas to make in a long-distance relationship.


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