7 Mistakes You May Make Regarding Using a Mask

During the COVID-19 pandemic as it is today, the use of masks when leaving the house is a must for all. This has become one of the mandatory health protocols everywhere.

The use of this mask is expected to reduce the rate of spread of COVID-19 which is still increasing. Especially when the vaccine from this disease has still not been found.

Unfortunately there are still many people who are reluctant to use masks in an orderly manner. Some people also use masks carelessly so that it is not optimal.

In those who are disciplined in using masks, errors in their use can also have suboptimal effects. Reporting from Live Strong, here are a number of mistakes that are vulnerable to someone related to using a mask.

Do not use a mask

Not using a mask is a mistake that many people do at this time. Even those who are accustomed to traveling with masks sometimes this problem still occurs when they are exercising or when buying something at a store around the house and think it is fine without using a mask.

In fact, we never know how safe our environment is or maybe neighbors who accidentally passed us. When there are guests who come to the house, it is also recommended that we continue to wear masks to reduce a number of risks that can arise

Using Masks with Incorrect Sizes

Many people use masks that are not really right, especially for children. Masks that are too small can make many parts of the face remain exposed while too large sizes can be too loose and easily open.

Also, make sure that the mask is not too tight because it can make you have difficulty breathing. But also make sure it is not too big so it can be in the right position on the face, especially covering the nose, mouth and chin.

Touch and shift the mask

The use of masks is done to prevent the spread of infection from and to others. If you often remove, touch, or shift the mask, the benefits of this mask will not be optimal.

Covering the face tightly and perfectly can limit the entry of the virus. Frequently touching or shifting the mask can also harm you especially if there is a virus attached to the front of the mask.

Not Washing Hands Properly Before Wearing a Mask

Before using a mask, you need to wash your hands properly. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or you can also use a hand sanitizer. This is very important for you to do especially if you have time to take off the mask when leaving the house.

Do Not Wash Cloth Masks

Fabric masks need to be replaced and washed regularly, especially every time they are worn. You can wash it in the washing machine with clothes or wash it manually by hand.

It is recommended to use warm water or bleach to kill viruses that might stick. After that, dry it in the sun to prevent the appearance of bacteria.

Reusing Disposable Masks

Besides cloth masks, you can also use disposable masks for use. Just make sure not to use medical masks repeatedly.

When used, the quality of this mask will decrease. Using it many times can make the protective function of this mask not run perfectly.

Do not bring a backup mask

It is possible that our masks will fall or forget when they leave the house. When the masks we use fall and get dirty, using them can be dangerous.

Therefore, it is recommended to bring a spare mask when we leave the house. This needs to become a routine that is implemented in the COVID-19 pandemic as it is today.


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