7 habits to improve language learning

One of the main ways to present a differential in the job market, in the midst of so much competition, is to learn other languages. The person who masters other languages ​​is much easier to interact deeply with other cultures, which is very important in a globalized world, in which territorial distances have been reduced symbolically.

It is easy to see that English is the most requested language in several companies, followed by Spanish. But other languages, such as Mandarin, French, German and Italian, can also be defined as important in this integration scenario. Through this knowledge, anyone will have a better chance of making international trips and improving communication with foreigners , inside and outside their country of origin.

If you are looking to achieve a solid and successful professional career and aim to invest in this differential, it is important to insert new habits in your daily life, which can help you to conduct your study better. Of course, there is no magic formula for becoming an “expert” in another language, but the tips that will be presented below have helped many people who exchange and can be useful for you too. Check it out below:

1- Exercise, even if you are wrong

It is common for people to get discouraged at the beginning and stop practicing, but even in the face of these difficulties, it is important to think that by letting go of fear you will have a much better chance of increasing your income. Make it a habit to talk a little every day and you will see the difference in your learning.

2 – Search for expressions you didn’t understand

As much as you do not want to interrupt your studies, it is essential that you write down expressions or words that you could not understand precisely, possibly they will appear again and you will be familiar with them.

3 – Watch movies and series in the study language

Who doesn’t like watching movies or watching TV shows? Besides being pleasurable, it can be very useful for those who want to improve their skills in any language. Prefer to put the audio and subtitles in the same language, as it will pay attention to pronunciation and writing at the same time. If you are a beginner, put the caption in your mother tongue and start getting used to the new one. Preferably choose films that you have already watched, because then you will know what happened and you will not be lost or unmotivated.

4 – Read books

Another way to get used to the foreign language is to read books written in other languages. This habit will enrich your vocabulary and in this way you will understand other words. As much as it is considered a big challenge at the beginning, try not to despair. You may not understand some expressions at first, but many of them can be understood in context. As stated earlier, make notes and then search.


5 – List expressions used in your daily life  

To facilitate your learning, make it a habit to select words that you constantly use in your everyday life in your mother tongue. Research how they are spoken in the foreign language and, little by little, try to use them in your daily life. This way, you will not stop practicing the language outside the classroom and will be in constant learning. To make it easier, prefer to make the list on your cell phone and refer to it whenever necessary.

6 – Ask to be corrected

Some people feel disheartened when they are corrected by someone who has mastered the language, but in fact, they may be missing out on the opportunity to improve their language skills. Try to make it clear to people that you are looking to evolve and detect errors to correct them in due time.

7 – Write texts

Another efficient way to progress with your learning is to create a habit of writing texts. At first choose simple and small content, that is, it will be easy to understand. This technique is very useful for those who want to learn, as it keeps you in contact not only with the vocabularies you are used to, but also with other questions, such as grammatical structures.


by Abdullah Sam
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