7 best phone plans in the United States

We bring you a list with the best telephone plans in the United States and the truth is that there are many operators, but not all have the best coverage and not the best service, much less an interesting service offer that will convince you to sign up .

The best phone plan in the United States must be marked by an offer of unlimited data , a good price and must also have unlimited calls or SMS.

Some of the operators offer discounts for prepayment and others give you discounts on family plans after the third line. Another very successful service is prepaid plans, because it allows users to have efficient cost control and in the cases of including unlimited quotas, a direct debit is not necessary.

5 best telephone operators in the United States

Verizon Do More Unlimited

One of the first advantages is that you can sign up with this plan without a permanence contract , that is, you can leave it at any time without any type of penalty. This plan offers you unlimited 5G data and you also have access to unlimited 15GB hotspot nationwide on the 5G and 4G network.

If you have Auto-Pay associated, you will receive a discount of $ 20 per month . It has an HD video transmission service and it is also the operator with the most robust network in the entire country, it also includes unlimited calls and SMS in this plan and you will not suffer from speed reductions.

It includes some additional benefits such as: a permanent subscription to Disney +, hulu and ESPN +, it also offers you a subscription to Apple Music streaming for six months and another for Discovery + for a year.

But all this wonder has something against it and that is that its price is one of the highest on the list , although it is worth it, it is not the cheapest of all. However, what you will have to pay per line will go down as you add a new one to your account, that is, if you have 4 associated lines, you could end up paying almost half for it.

Price : $ 80 (one line)

Visible Unlimited Plan

This is a virtual operator that works on the Verizon network , but it offers quite similar services for half the price if you have a single line and that is what makes it so attractive as an alternative to sign up.

It is very simple: it is a prepaid plan, in which everything is unlimited , that is, calls, SMS and mobile data. Also if you join the “Party Pay” which is the equivalent of the family plan in which up to 4 lines can be associated in an account and you will pay 60 percent of the initial rate.

However, there is a small drawback to signing up with this virtual operator and its plan and it is deprioritization. This means that when using the Verizon network, the main operator’s own customers have precedence over the use of the network .

An example : You are on a game day during the football season, you are a Visible customer and you are trying to send an SMS on the crashed network, but you can’t. Your friend next door is a Verizon customer and is live streaming the game on his Instagram account at the same time and has no network problems.

Price : $ 40 (one line)

Unlimited from Metro by T-Mobile

This is another virtual operator that works on the T-Mobile network and is also managed by the main operator itself. It has the same Visible policy, but with a little more stability and it also offers you access to a 5 GB Hotspot connection per month . You have unlimited calls and SMS too.

This unlimited plan comes with additional benefits, at this time the customer includes a permanent subscription to Google 1 with 100 GB of storage. You will also receive a better price for each additional line, until you reach 5 lines in a family plan. It has no permanence and you will also have no problem with family consumption, since all members of the account receive the same amount of benefits.

We are not going to lie to you, the deprioritization of the service is also a latent problem here , but it is much less than that suffered by virtual operators at Verizon.

Each line that you add has a monthly price of $ 30 and will have, as we mentioned before, the same benefits of the main line.

Price : $ 50 (one line)

T-Mobile Magenta Max

We are now going with another of the very robust plans of the largest operators and it is T-Mobile’s Magenta Max, which offers unlimited premium data , that is, you will not suffer speed reduction after consuming a certain amount of data, it also includes calls and Unlimited SMS.

Another benefit that you receive from this plan is that you will have access to a high speed 40 GB Hotspot , after that in unlimited 3G. It also includes some additional benefits such as a standard Netflix account for one screen and if you hire more lines, the subscription is extended to as many screens as the account has, up to four.

This plan has no permanence and also offers you a monthly discount of five dollars per line if you activate the self-payment, in addition to that, if you contract two lines the third is free. If you activate up to four lines, your price can be half the initial cost for each of them.

Price : $ 85 (one line)

Unlimited 3-month Mint Mobile

This is another virtual operator that operates on the T-Mobile network and provides users with a fairly stable service, it also has a very particular proposal and that is that it offers its plans in three-month contracts , that is, when you sign up you will pay for three months and then the payment is renewed at the end of those 90 days.

Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan offers users the use of unlimited data in 5G and LTE according to the national coverage of the main operator, T-Mobile, but you will suffer a speed reduction after having consumed 35GB in a month, something that will change upon completion of that first cycle.

It also offers you access to a high-speed hotspot for up to 5 GB per month , it also includes unlimited calls and SMS, as well as free international calls and SMS for Mexico and Canada.

This three-month prepaid plan is quite convenient, but you will have the same problem as the other virtual operators, the depreorization in the platform, since T-Mobile customers will have the first option in the use of the network.

In this option there are no alternatives for a family plan , you will only buy your SIM card and it will offer you the service according to the plan purchased.

Price : $ 30 per month ($ 90 for 3 months)

AT&T Unlimited Elite

The AT&T Unlimited Elite plan is an excellent option if you are interested in unlimited data, because it includes 100 GB of premium data and after that comes the speed reduction, but it will also be when the network is congested. It gives you access to its national 5G network.

It also has the benefit of unlimited calls and SMS , as well as unlimited calls, SMS and data included for roaming in Mexico and Canada, as well as free SMS to more than 120 countries. You also receive 30 GB per month in high speed Hotstpot, it also includes high speed streaming, you also have a permanent subscription to HBO Max.

The problem with this option is the same as the large operators on this list, it has a fairly high price when it comes to a single line, something that varies considerably as they include additional lines in the same account, being able to pay less than half for the full family plan.

Price : $ 85 (one line)

Get More Unlimited from Verizon

We close this list of the best phone plans in the United States with another Verizon service offer, as it is the largest operator in the country in terms of coverage and because it is also the most robust plan on the market, not the cheapest when it is used. deals with a single line in a subscription account.

You do not have a contract of permanence, you also receive unlimited data , being able to receive 5G ultra-broadband in some cities and you will also have no problems with speed reduction.

You also have unlimited calls and SMS included, 50 GB of premium data in 5G , streaming in HD, 30 GB of data per Hotspot in 5G. It also includes unlimited roaming in Mexico and Canada for calls, SMS and mobile data.

Accounts also, as additional benefits, a permanent subscription to Disney + , ESPN + and hulu, in addition to six months of Apple Music and 12 months of Discovery +.


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