Which Wife Gets The Social Security In the United States

Which Wife Gets The Social Security.The United States has a public model ( Social Security ) and a private model (401k).In the United States, both spouses are entitled to receive Social Security benefits based on their own work histories or based on their spouse’s work history, depending on which amount is higher.

Which Wife Gets The Social Security In the United States.

If both spouses have worked and paid into the Social Security system, each may be eligible for their own benefit as well as a spousal benefit. If one spouse has not worked or has a limited work history, they may be eligible for a spousal benefit based on their spouse’s work record.

However, the eligibility criteria and the amount of the benefit can vary depending on a number of factors, including the length of the marriage, the age of the spouses, and whether they have reached full retirement age or not. It’s best to consult with the Social Security Administration or a financial advisor to understand the specific rules and options for your situation.

Special Cases;Which Wife Gets The Social Security

The Social Security reform still provides for some particularities in special categories. Check out what they are below.


The minimum retirement age for teachers is now 60 for men and 57 for women . Another requirement is to have at least 25 years of working time when applying. Before the reform, the minimum age was 55 and 50, respectively.

Police and prison officers

From 53 for men and 52 for women, the minimum age for police officers and prison guards is now 55 for everyone . There is also a requirement for at least 25 years of career and 30 years of contribution to the INSS.


The approved text of the Social Security reform, at first, did not include the benefits paid to the military. Only a few weeks after the new rules for that category were sanctioned.

The reform provides for a comprehensive restructuring of the military career. Among other things, salary readjustments, creation and expansion of bonuses and extension of an additional 10% to generals in the reserve are foreseen .

Rural workers

Rural workers are entitled to retire both by age and contribution time.In the case of old-age pensions, men must be at least 60 years old and women 55 years old . Furthermore, in both cases there is a grace period of 180 months.

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