Instagram Direct, Instagram private messages: how it works

When we talk about Instagram Direct we refer to the private messages section of Instagram and this time we will talk to you in a little more detail about how it works, some tricks that you should know to get the most out of it and some more things.

This section is the one that allows us to send and also receive messages from another Instagram profile in a private way , so that we can contact someone through there except if they have blocked us because in that case they cannot get in touch.

You can not only have conversations with a single person, but also create groups, just like you do on WhatsApp, although there is a limit of 15 people.

Through Instagram Direct you can send text, emojis, audio messages, images and also GIFs , although if you prefer, you can even send the person you contact an image that you just took with your mobile camera.

Likewise, you can also make a private video call with that contact and see what was the last time they connected to this section of Instagram. During the conversation you have the option of reacting to a message with a heart by double clicking.

How to send a private message on Instagram

To send a private message to an Instagram person through Instagram Direct, all you have to do is do the following:

  • Open Instagram and go to the section that has a house-shaped icon. Now slide the screen to the left and the direct messages section opens or you can also click on the icon that in this case is shaped like a paper plane .
  • Next, in the “search” box , write the name of the profile of the person you want to send a message to and click on it, the private conversation will open.
  • Now all you have to do is write the text you want accompanied, if you want, by an emoji, image, video, etc. That conversation will be saved in the Instagram Direct section.

Tricks for Instagram Direct

There are certain things that you should know, little tricks so that you can perfectly handle Instagram Direct and that in a short time you will become an expert in this section of the social network, they will surely be of great help to you at any time.

Mute incoming private

One of the things you can do with private messages is to silence them, that is, you can silence a conversation in its entirety and thus you do not find out that messages arrive until you go to read them by entering the section within your Instagram.

To silence a private chat, you only have to enter Instagram Direct and slide the conversation to the left with your finger, the option to “mute” will appear , which in this case you must press to make it silent, although you can undo this action soon.

See what time you sent and received a message

Within a private conversation on Instagram Direct there is the possibility of seeing what time you sent and received from the other person some kind of emoji , image, text or whatever. Although the time is not visible, just swiping your finger to the left will see that it appears.

See last time you connected to Instagram

If you have spoken with a person on Instagram privately, you can know when was the last time they connected to Instagram by entering the chat with that person. At the top you will see that the inscription “active x minutes ago” or similar appears.

That means that you have entered Instagram, but not specifically Instagram Direct, but maybe you have been watching the feed or doing something else. In addition, you will know that it is connected at that moment because it says “active (a) now” or a small green icon appears in the photo.

Create a private group

As we already mentioned at the beginning, through Instagram Direct you can also send the same message to several people and for that you can create a group, this is done in the following way:

  • Access Instagram Direct and click on the pencil-shaped icon at the top.
  • Now go selecting the people who appear in the list or searching the profiles by searching with those people you want to be part of the group. When you have it, click on “chat” and the group conversation to talk will have been created.

Delete a private chat

If you use Instagram Direct a lot, the list of conversations will remain there, but you can delete those older chats if you want, although it will still be on the recipients’ mobile. It is a way to keep this section cleaner.

To delete a conversation, all you have to do is slide the conversation to the left and click on the “delete” option that appears.

How to know if you have private messages pending

If you enter Instagram Direct you can find out if you have pending unread messages , just go to Instagram and go to the house icon, above you will see the icon in the shape of an airplane with a red number, if it appears, it means that you have received private that you have not read.

Block and report a user

From Instagram Direct you can block and also report any user , useful actions when they bother you with too much message very often or if you receive from an unknown user a message that you may consider spam, inappropriate content, etc.

You just have to enter the conversation itself and click on the information icon at the top, you will enter a menu where you can block and report that person.

Undo sending a message

Did you know that you can undo the sending of a private message sent by Instagram ? The sooner you cancel the shipment, as it happens in WhatsApp, the more chances you will have that the recipient has not yet had time to read it, so you must hurry to delete it.

To do this, you just have to enter the conversation in question, leave the message pressed for a few seconds and click on the option “cancel sending” to delete it.

Possibly it has already become very clear to you what Instagram Direct is , what it is for and what tricks you can carry out to get the most out of this section of Instagram, which continues to be a kind of basic but effective private messaging utility.

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