6 tips to learn dynamic reading easily

If you have a child of preschool age or just want to improve your reading, this is a great way. Reading is as important as a predictor of future success.

Dynamic reading is one of many techniques used to improve the ability to read quickly. Check out some tips to learn this technique easily:

Keep your material at a 30 degree angle

Hold your book, or whatever you are reading, at a 30-degree angle to your eyes. Never read material lying on a table or desk. Reading flat is painful for your retina and causes eye strain. After about two hours, it can cause dry eyes and irritation. Adjust the angle of your computer screen to 30 degrees as well.

Move your head from left to right as you read

Moving your head back and forth a little while reading helps to stabilize images on your retina. This is called the vestibulo-ocular reflex, or VOR. Moving your head while reading also helps to stop reading individual words and reading sentences.

The secret to reading several words at a time and doubling or tripling your learning skills is to use your peripheral vision. Relax the small muscles on both sides of your eyes and soften your focus. This practice will help you to increase your speed from 200 to 2,500 words per minute.

Read with a pointer

The use of a pen, laser or pointer of some kind, even your finger, will help with dynamic reading. So you will underline each sentence as you read. Your peripheral vision will capture six words on each side of the dot.

This allows you to move through a sentence six times faster than reading each word. The pointer helps to create a rhythm and focuses your attention on the page.

Read in pieces

The human eye has a small dimple called the fovea. At this point, the vision is clearer. When you divide a sentence into pieces of three or four words, your eyes see the center of the piece more clearly, but can still distinguish the words around it.

Think of reading a sentence in three or four parts instead of reading every word. You can see how much faster you would get through the material.


Use positive self-talk to reprogram your reading belief system. Repeating positive affirmations 30 seconds a day for 21 days creates neurons in permanent neural networks.

Here are the suggested statements:

  • “I release my past beliefs / perceptions / judgments and now I easily and quickly learn and remember.”
  • “Every day, in every way, I learn quickly, faster and faster, and getting better and better.”

Exercise your eyes for 60 seconds before reading

Before you start reading, it is important that you “warm up” your eyes. This warm-up sharpens your vision and activates your peripheral vision. This speeds up your learning speed.

See how:

  • Focus on a single point on a wall in front of you, keeping your head still.
  • With your right hand extended in front of you at eye level, draw an infinity symbol and follow it with your eyes three or four times.
  • Switch hands and trace the symbol with your left hand, effectively awakening both sides of the brain.
  • Without your hands, draw the symbol 12 times in one direction with your eyes only.
  • Change, moving your eyes in the other direction.
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