How to start a text conclusion? Tips, Words, Phrases, What not to do

Concluding the ideas of a text can be difficult, the moment of nevismo of the test can still disrupt everything. Check out some tips on how to start a writing conclusion.

What is a conclusion?

The purpose of the text’s conclusion is to summarize all the ideas that were treated during the writing, in order to affirm the thesis presented by you in the introduction of the text on the problem question. It is about closing the arguments presented.

It should not be too long, one or two paragraphs is already a good size, otherwise it may seem like a mess to meet the number of lines required in the test.

At Enem, the genre of text requested is argumentative-dissertation , for the conclusion of this type of text you need to make a real assessment of the situation and propose a social intervention, that is, a solution that considers possible actions to be taken to solve the problem. .

Tips for starting a conclusion

Stay on top of the news and watch or read news at least once a day.

Use the moments of rest between studies of heavier content to watch something, or enjoy moments when you are stopped in traffic, inside the bus to listen to the newspapers. This way it will be less difficult to drop a subject in the newsroom that you don’t know anything about, besides, the habit will make you safer to talk about the subject and will also enrich your critical sense to write a good conclusion.

Ways to start a conclusion

Understand the problem

First, you must understand why the problem has national relevance, what is the impact of it on society. You spoke about a social problem. Now, you must fully understand what impact the proposed theme has had and why it is a problem of national relevance. From this, you will be able to develop a solution to the dilemma.

Words to start a conclusion

Use conclusive conjunctions: soon, therefore, then, then, so, therefore, therefore, so that, in view of this.

Phrases to start a conclusion

In view of the facts mentioned …

Taking these aspects into consideration …

In view of the arguments presented …

Given the above …

In view of the aspects observed …

In view of what has been mentioned …

For all these aspects …

By observing the analyzed aspects …

Demonstrative Pronouns at the conclusion of the essay

The use of demonstrative pronouns are also important in the process of building the conclusion of the essay, as they refer to the sentence just quoted, which can be of great help in resuming ideas and synthesizing them.

See the examples of use of demonstrative pronouns :

This, this, this:

To refer to the subsequent sentence or sentence, a sentence that is yet to be written, and to refer to the immediately preceding element, an element that has just been written.

Pay attention to these words: Smoking is bad for your health.

Smoking is bad for your health. This must always be preserved.

This, this, this:

To refer to the previous sentence or sentence, that is, a sentence that has already been written.

Smoking is harmful to health. This has already been scientifically proven.

What not to do on completion

Don’t start new arguments

Conclusion is for closing ideas, if starting new subjects in the final lines of a test, there will be no space to synthesize a solution and you will lose points.

Avoid utopian conclusions

We do not live in an ideal society where problems can be solved immediately. Solutions that do not take into account the complexity of society may reflect naivety.

In Enem, this is one of the requirements to be better evaluated, and the candidate needs to develop an effective intervention proposal to address the exposed theme.

Do not use generic phrases

“We must be aware”, “it is necessary to fight”, “The country needs to solve this problem”, are vague phrases that do not propose concrete solutions, do not indicate the specific reasons that generate the problem and demonstrate ignorance about current events.

Respect human rights

Hurting human rights, as of Enem 2017, is no longer a criterion for annulment of the wording, but the candidate who does this loses points in the correction of the test.

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