6 things you need to know to stay up to date with PS5

The new generation is already a step closer, and that is that Sony has made public its plans for PlayStation 5. Yesterday all the characteristics of the platform were presented, and this time we offer you a series of basic notions so that you know what to expect from PS5 in six quick points.

Yesterday was the big day. Just a few hours ago, Sony presented all the main features of a PlayStation 5 that has finally had its first official debut before the fans. Then we offered you the first details of PS5 and its technical specifications and, this time, the idea is to tell you a careful report that allows you to be aware not only of the information that emerged then but also of the constant dripping of new data that has come. emerging in the last hours in reference to the game console. A machine that its managers still do not want to label with anything that is not a little specific term of Next Gen console . Marketing and timing is king!


The fact is that Mark Cerny , a legend in the industry, has acted as master of ceremonies to present the novelties of the platform. The creative, who in the past was at the SEGA Technical Institute and who has been capital in many companies for several generations, is already a guru for Sony. Not only because he has designed the innards of the PS5, but because he has also done the same in the past with a PlayStation 4 that he made sure that it was not going to repeat the mistakes of its predecessor. With all these elements on the table, it goes without saying that there are reasons to be very excited about everything that the Japanese company has put on the table of the new generation of video consoles .


Do you want to review everything that is known about the machine in just a few minutes? Or are you looking to catch up because yesterday you weren’t up to date on 3DJuegos news ? Whether for some reasons or others, or simply because you want to review all the news that has emerged over the last few hours, you have good reasons to check out this special on the next PlayStation. Here are the 6 things you need to know about PS5 to stay up-to-date on the new Next Gen desktop hardware in just five minutes. Let’s go, there is a lot of fabric to cut!


PS5 launchWhere there are more unknowns

  • Release date
  • Console Price
  • Throwing Games Catalog

This is the most important part of a hardware but, at the same time, it is also where we have the most unknowns, for now, around PlayStation 5. The choice of Mark Cerny as spokesman for this first presentation of the console is not accidental. He is a designer and at Sony they have wanted to become strong in hardware. Surely, to make this type of information known, an executive is chosen more, but even so, there are already some important data.


Cerny has officially ruled out the rumors that the game console was going to come out this year, which leaves us with a more than obvious launch deadline set for 2020 . And what has also made it clear is that PS5 will have an adjusted price , although it has not come to specify it or specify what he means by which it will respond to the “enormous benefits” of the machine. It does not seem that Sony is going to make a mistake like launching a game console with a price as inflated as the PS3, so we will have to wait for the next stop of the platform to know more details about it. Catalogue? Here we do not have a clue. It only remains to dream of what internal studies may be doing for a long time without showing signs of life as Guerrilla, among others.


Graphic FeaturesRevolution, not Evolution

  • Eight-core AMD Ryzen chip
  • Radeon Navi Chart
  • 8K support output

You wanted to get here, right? Well, of course the bowels of the hardware are usually one of the elements that attract the most attention among amateurs and also among professionals in the sector. What are the main features of the console in this area? It is not our intention in this section to delve into it overwhelmingly, the idea is to offer you brushstrokes that you can read quickly, so if you want to know more specific information we recommend that you read our analysis of the PlayStation 5 hardware tomorrow. let’s say that an eight-core ADM Ryzen Chip for the CPU based on the Zen 2 7nm architecture has been announced .


Also, and on a machine with 8K resolution output , you have to make nuances. Will those 8K be real for video games? Everything indicates that initially this will be used for multimedia content, but as in this generation it has ended up happening that some specific PS4 Pro game has reached 4K resolution natively (the rest, most, rescaled), it could also be that throughout the cycle there is a title that reaches 8K. At least the possibility is there. To try to achieve this there is inside a custom designed graphics card based on Radeon Navi technology.


RaytracingThe Technology of the Future

  • What is raytracing?
  • Improvement at the graphic level
  • Projection in playable aspects

Raytracing has become a new workhorse for lovers of the latest technology. We already told you at the time what raytracing is and the reasons why it is an absolutely revolutionary way of working for video games, so there you can find all the information you need about it. A basic notion? It is a rendering technology that is based on imitating the operation of light rays , how they interact and the things it generates: refractions, reflections, shadows and more. How to do it? Generating a certain number of bounces and applying it to scenarios to try to make them as realistic as possible.


It is a first step towards photorealism , that is clear, but it also has many other applications. In fact, Mark Cerny himself explained that it can be applied to determine the veracity even of other elements such as, for example, audio sources. Raytracing has many applications and, although the technology itself has had its first projection in the video game industry through Nvidia’s RTX graphics, the truth is that AMD is going to join this visual madness very soon with its 7nm architecture that supports it and that, of course, will be part of the guts of the game console.


SSD Hard DriveShortening the Waits

  • Very short loading times
  • Disappearance of waiting?
  • Much faster rendering of worlds

The hard drive may seem like something of relative importance to the less versed in hardware related to video games, but it is obvious that a good hard drive is increasingly necessary for quick access to all the data you need to play. How do you see this? If you have a PC with an SSD hard drive and a standard one, do a test, install a video game on the normal one and run it. Time how long load times are and everything else. Now try doing the same on the other one. You will see the difference! That is exactly what the adoption of an SSD of these characteristics will mean for PlayStation 5. All that, together with the exponential increase in the power of the hardware, of course.


The dream of ending waiting times in video games could be closer than ever thanks to combining these two technologies. Maybe not make them disappear, maybe we are over-optimistic, but of course they could be minimized. Do you know who will win with this? Your capacity for immersion. Likewise, the rendering of the video game worlds will also be streamlined, it will be much faster and, with this, the experience will become more fluid. In the writing of 3DJuegos the importance of the SSD with respect to other aspects such as backward compatibility, have been the subject of bitter debate as to what is the main feature of PS5 .


Backward compatibilityLooking to the past

  • Backward compatibility announced
  • Reader for physical games
  • Support for current PS VR

Fans had been demanding it for so long that some already thought that the possibility of reaching it would be little less than a dream. After underestimating everything related to backward compatibility during this generation, with unfortunate statements about it, it seems that Sony has finally realized that with a change of generation, fans do not want to turn their back on all the previous years of good content. They want to continue being able to enjoy it and, finally, PlayStation 5 will give them full support after turning their backs on this type of technology throughout this generation.


Because right now? Everything seems to indicate that the similar architecture between PS4 and PS5 will facilitate this possibility, something that was made very complicated in the current cycle of machines before the rigors of programming for the extremely complex PS3. This time the transition will be much more comfortable for developers, who will be more used to their programming environment, and also for fans who can continue to enjoy their veteran video games. How will it work? At the moment it is in the air, but with some of the clumsiness that we have experienced with Sonyin this sense, we will have to wait for things to be done as well as possible. What is clear is that it will rely on a physical support that has already been confirmed for the console and that, in addition, you will not have to throw away your PS VR device because it will be compatible with the new machine.


New Generation SoundA real leap for sound

  • Next Gen 3D sound
  • An entire “audio experience”
  • Sony’s first major evolution in years

Sound generally does not capitalize on hardware advertisements, since it is a concept that does not “sell consoles” as much as others. However, Sony is very focused on achieving a new generation sound that compensates fans for a certain neglect in this field on the part of PlayStation consoles. So much so that Mark Cerny himself recognized that from PlayStation 3 to PS4 there had not been a true evolutionary leap in terms of audio and, facing the launch of PlayStation 5, they want to modify this and offer a true revolution in this area.


The 3D sound promises to be “an entire audio experience “, as it has already been seen in the past on other devices but not as Cerny promises that it will be screened on the new PS5. “We are going to apply the gigantic features of this console to offer an evolutionary leap in this area”, defends the designer of the game console. “I have always found it frustrating how little evolution we have seen in this sector in recent years.” For now, all are promises. It remains to be seen how all this takes place.


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