6 steps to improve your department processes

We understand how the processes of an organization to the set of actions executed, usually in the same order, by a person or a group of people, and in which there is an exchange of information. If these actions are not carried out efficiently, they can have a  negative impact on the objectives set by the company , causing poor performance, unsatisfied customers, duplication of work, low productivity …

Given this reality, implementing a process improvement system allows any organization to optimize expenses, take advantage of resources and increase effectiveness and competitiveness. Therefore, it is possible to affirm that a process management system is not only of vital importance for the growth of the company, but that business survival depends largely on it .


How to implement process improvement step by step

1. Identify the sectors that need to be improved

It is crucial to perform a correct mapping of processes to understand which areas need to be improved. Enumerating the processes and conducting a deep analysis allows us to discover how it has been working and what has been done incorrectly. It is also necessary to establish clear and realistic objectives on the improvements to be made and determine the time in which they should be implemented.


2. Communicate

In order for everyone involved to understand and accept future changes, they must understand what role they play in the project. Understand that these improvements will positively affect your work, in addition to increasing effectiveness, will cause a collective enthusiasm that will facilitate the transition of change .


3. Redesign the process

Once the analysis of the defective process is completed, the problems to be solved will have been identified and it will have been decided what type of innovation is necessary. It is time to mark the criteria of the new process  so that it meets the strategies and new objectives of the company.

An exchange of ideas with all the people involved can be a good way to start with the redesign of the processes since they can give an opinion, based on experience, of what would be the best way to implement them.


4. Implement the changes and execute the new process design

It is not enough to implement the process, to implement it it is necessary to assume the changes from the beginning. In order to see its effectiveness, its execution must be carried out daily, observing the possible existence of errors and points of improvement.

5. Control

Collecting specific information on the database and figures allows a real and objective vision of the organization. Therefore, it is only through monitoring that the new process works , as well as identifying what changes can be made to make it more effective.


6. Optimize

Process improvement methodologies are cyclical projects that must be carried out continuously for them to work. After executing and controlling, spaces will always appear to make new changes, which means that it is necessary to launch a new improvement project.


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